Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is obtainable solely on AT&T for those of you UN agency work and play in water and mud. At $199 with contract and $599 off contract, it is the same worth because the normal Galaxy S4 and appears nearly identical: it\’s simply a hair thicker however it\’s a similar form and also the controls ar within the same places. It gets a pretend bronze back that is accessible in zingy blue or sedate grey and it\’s rubber finish caps to stay wetness out and provides it a rugged look. The automaton four.2.2 smartphone is water and mud resistant. The IP67 rated phone will face up to immersion in up to three feet of water for up to half-hour (watch our video review to envision it under the water). that does not suggest find their way on the Davy Jones in your breathing machine gear, however it\’s safe within the kiddie pool. it\’s not ruggedized to face up to drops and shocks, thus it\’s for those of you UN agency inherit contact with water and mud however not people who drop or sit on their phones.


What\’s totally different from the Samsung Galaxy S4?

– The Galaxy S4 Active maintains the 5\” full HD show, however it is a TFT liquid crystal display instead of Super AMOLED panel. meaning a lot of natural colours however blacks are not as astonishingly inky-black like Super AMOLED and a few Samsung smartphone fans may miss those higher than life Super AMOLED hues. the great news is that it\’s a lot of visible outdoors below direct daylight and it keeps the gloves-friendly feature. Note that bit does not work once the phone is underwater (water is semiconductive and and it confuses electrical phenomenon sensors), thus Samsung disables the bit sensors once you are exploitation options like underwater photography mode. this can be doubtless why the phone has mechanical instead of electrical phenomenon buttons on the front. this is not a Samsung issue: Sony\’s waterproof Xperia Z smartphone and Xperia pill Z automaton tablet\’s bit do not work once submerged or terribly wet.


– The rear camera is 8MP instead of 13MP, however you get all a similar camera code and artistic shooting modes. In fact, there is a new one known as \”aqua\” for underwater shooting. Image and video quality is extremely the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II, that is to mention sensible however not as spectacularly elaborate because the S4.

– Ultimately, the cellphone has actual physical front side control buttons instead of electrical phenomenon.



Inside we\’re watching a similar class-leading one.9GHz Qualcomm flower 600 quad core central processing unit with Adreno 320 graphics, two gigs of RAM and sixteen gigs of internal storage. As you\’d therefore expect, the Galaxy S4 Active benchmarks a similar because the regular Galaxy S4. Samsung managed to create the phone water and mud resistant whereas keeping the removable back cowl. take away the rear and you may notice a similar 2600 mAh removable battery, small SIM card slot and small SDXC card slot. The door features a rubber seal, and you must make certain you have it fully snapped in situ before taking it and your rubber lover into the tub. Note: it takes somewhat a lot of work to induce the rear snapped on compared to the Galaxy S4 as a result of that rubber seal is tight. Likewise, the small USB port on all-time low features a rubber cowl that has got to be closed before you play in water. The earpiece jack is open as ar the mic holes, thus Samsung has done some interior waterproofing for those. decision quality does not suffer thanks to waterproof membranes, and also the Active sounds even as excellent because the normal Galaxy S4. The phone has a similar IR Ab remote for your theatre gear because the normal GS4.


The OS and TouchWiz code with myriad Samsung apps and tweaks ar precisely the same because the Galaxy S4, thus we can\’t rehash those well (please browse our Samsung Galaxy S4 review if you are unacquainted with the GS4). The cellphone has break up window multi-tasking, the floating video player, Smart Stay, Samsung\’s sharing options that play nicely with different recent Galaxy product and their usual extremely tailored UI. Android 4.2.2 is below the hood, and that is the foremost recent version of automaton as of this writing, thus you are obtaining a really current smartphone.


If you\’re keen on the Samsung Galaxy S4, however work or play in harsh environments wherever the phone comes into contact with water and mud, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is for you. so as to stay the worth a similar because the regular GS4, Samsung born the camera quality down a notch, however you are still obtaining a really sensible shooter than will even photograph fishies underwater. simply detain mind that this is not a rugged phone and if bumps and drops ar a section of your phone\’s way of life, you will still want a rugged case.


Price: $199 with two year contract, $599 while not contract.


Display: 5″ LCD (441 ppi). Resolution: 1920 x 1080. Has normal light indicator, accelerometer and vicinity indicator. Works when wearing safety gloves using increased touchscreen display understanding setting.

Battery: Lithium Ion Plastic standard rechargeable. Battery power is user exchangeable. 2600 mAh.

Performance: 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad primary CPU with Adreno 320 design. 2 jobs DDR2 RAM. 16 or 32 jobs internal storage.

Size: 5.5 x 2.8 x 0.36 inches wide. Weight: 5.29 oz..

Phone: GSM quad group world cellphone with LTE 4G and HSPA+.

Camera: 2 mega-pixel front side video talk digital camera and 8 mega-pixel rear digital camera with LED display, BSI and HDR for photos. Digital image stabilizing, can use front side and rear digital camera at the same time.

Audio: Built in speaker, mic and 3.5mm conventional stereo earphone port.

Networking: Incorporated double group WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, NFC and Wireless 4.0. Not suitable with first generation New samsung TecTile NFC labels, must use the new TecTiles.

Software: Android operating system OS 4.2.2 Jam Vegetable with New samsung TouchWiz UI. New samsung applications and features including Air Action, Intelligent Search, Intelligent Stay, Watch On (AV remote with IR control), S Ray, Multi Windows, Air Perspective, S Voice, S Translation and Friend Share. Polaris Workplace (MS Workplace suitable package that can look at, modify and create Workplace docs), service provider applications and conventional package of Google applications.

Expansion: 1 SDXC microSD card slot, suitable with cards up to 64 jobs.


Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy has changed into a yearly event. Why? as a result of Samsung’s flagship automaton smartphone is obtainable by nearly each major carrier and it sells by the millions. it’s nice options for the value and a good choice of third party accessories. It’s 2012 and also the year of the Galaxy S III, a phone with prime specs and Samsung’s signature skinny style and light-weight weight. The 4.7 ounce phone runs automaton OS four.0 frozen dessert Sandwich with Samsung TouchWiz code. In fact, there is a ton quite TouchWiz here: Samsung adds a number of latest “S” apps like S Voice and S Beam in addition as wireless sharing services for photos and displays. there is virtually an excessive amount of code here to stay track of, however though you employ simply a fraction, you’ll likely realize one thing new and helpful.


In this review we glance at the USA model within the style of the Sprint and T-Mobile versions. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile launched this phone on June 21 for $199 with contract for the sixteen gig model (Verizon’s is returning terribly soon). The hardware is identical apart from the cellular radio and also the code is that the same apart from carrier-added apps. The Galaxy S III includes a four.8″ HD Super AMOLED 720p show and it runs on a one.5GHz twin core flower elapid hardware, that is one amongst the quickest mobile CPUs on the market. it’s a pair of gigs of RAM instead of the same old one gig. Some carriers can supply a thirty two gig internal storage version at the next value. Since the phone includes a microSD card slot, you actually do not would like boatloads of internal storage. there is a front one.9MP video chat camera and a awfully sensible rear 8MP camera with flash. The phone has twin band local area network 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth four.0 and a GPS. therefore is that the Samsung Galaxy S III price all the hype? browse on to search out out.


Design and technology

While HTC has taken probabilities and evolved their high finish One phones with unibody polycarbonate casings and a brand new look, Samsung sticks with what works. The phone is formed of plastic and it’s the same old thin back cowl. each the stone Blue and Marble White models have a high gloss end that appears enticing though it does not look stylish and pricey. The blue model has lightweight blue sides that morph into a darker bronze, striated back. it’s cool however attracts fingerprints like thunder. The white model is additional organic trying (Samsung was going for curvy, humanistic style with the GS3) and it shows fingerprints abundant less. Despite the four.8″ display, the Galaxy S III is regarding constant size as a four.5″ smartphone and it’s nearly identical in size to the HTC One X. It’s by no suggests that a behemoth just like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Like most Samsung smartphones, the ability button is on the higher right facet and also the volume controls ar on the other facet (making it simple to hit each power and volume right away by accident). Despite that criticism, on a tall phone just like the S III, it’s easier to achieve the ability button once it’s on the facet instead of on the highest like most different brands. The small USB port is on all-time low and also the earphone jack is up prime. The microSD card slot is beneath the rear cowl and there is no got to pull the battery to swap cards. GSM models with a SIM card slot have a small SIM card slot close to the removable battery. The GS3 includes a notification LED–a rarity on Samsung automaton smartphones. If you switch the LED feature on, the sunshine can blink till you’ve got taken care of no matter it’s notifying you regarding.

While the Samsung Galaxy S III falls way behind the HTC One X and One S in terms of materials and aesthetics, it’s a solidly engineered phone that is in good order enticing. And for those of you United Nations agency love the hardware home button (the kind that moves and clicks) that Samsung offers on several overseas models, it’s alive and well here. 2 electrical phenomenon buttons flank it for Menu and Back, almost like cake phone models. instead of a zealous ICS multi-tasking button, you will press and hold the house button to examine an inventory of recently run applications. Double-tap the house button to launch S Voice (voice command).


The 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED show would’ve been very exciting a year or 2 agone, however lately IPS and advanced LCDs supply trickster text, wider viewing angles and higher out of doors visibility. We’d like to see Samsung move off from Super AMOLED displays in their costliest phones; they once were a competitive advantage however currently hobble the phone. The 1280 x 720 show includes a Pentile Matrix that uses fewer subpixels than LCDs, and also the result’s slightly reduced sharpness. Still, there ar plenty of pixels here because of the high resolution, and that we suspect several Super AMOLED fans can fancy the show. Super AMOLED displays have higher than life colours, although the colours ar additional up to speed here and fewer cartoony, and black levels ar extraordinary. White levels ar Super AMOLED’s weakness and whites are not quite as bright as LCDs and that they still have a small blue tint, despite the GS3’s improved color balance. The display’s colours pop, however the screen is not massively bright. Note that Samsung includes a power saving feature that mechanically dims whites to avoid wasting power and that we recommend turning this off to avoid dingy whites (the power drain is negligible).


Samsung’s auto-brightness as ever tends to be too dark, therefore we have a tendency to had to travel with manual brightness to suit our eyes. i do not mind manual brightness however which means having to regulate it once outdoors beneath daylight as a result of the show is difficult to examine at five hundredth brightness (my most well-liked indoor brightness setting).

Phone and knowledge

The Samsung Galaxy S III has very good voice quality on each Sprint and T-Mobile. Samsung very is aware of the way to build a superb voice phone. Incoming and outgoing voice ar loud and extremely clear with no ground noise or digital distortion. simply just in case decision quality is not already stellar enough for you, there is a volume boost setting for blatant environments and atomic weight settings– affirmative atomic weight is not only for music players any longer.


On each the T-Mobile and Sprint versions our knowledge affiliation typically born for a second each therefore typically. that produces American state assume there is a computer code issue since it happens on 2 totally different carriers, ANd i would assume Samsung might fix this with an update if it proves to be a drag for others.

The T-Mobile version has 42Mbps HSPA+, which provides wonderful knowledge speeds that did not build American state pine for LTE. Our phone averaged oneMbps down and 1.5Mbps up. The Sprint version has 3G EV-DO Rev A and 4G LTE, however Sprint’s LTE network is not however live, therefore we have a tendency to had to use their sluggish 3G network that averaged 400k down and 350k up in our space of the city metroplex. Sprint’s version includes a feature which will mechanically flip local area network on if the phone is in vary of a proverbial local area network network which actually helps. AT&T and Verizon versions have each 3G and LTE, and each carriers have sturdy LTE networks with quick knowledge speeds. All carrier versions have the mobile hotspot feature that turns your phone into a high speed wireless electronic equipment for laptops, tablets and different devices (this might need a further monthly charge).

Performance and Battery Life

All USA carriers ar going with the one.5GHZ twin core flower S4 hardware (because it’s compatible with LTE) instead of Samsung’s latest Exynos hardware. that is not a nasty issue since the flower S4 may be a prime performing artist that holds its own against the Exynos and quad core Tegra three. It manages robust battery life in addition, and also the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile and Sprint (neither running on LTE) had no bother creating it through a full day on a charge with moderate use. once we get our hands on the LTE Verizon and AT&T models, we’ll update this review with information on their battery life.


The Galaxy S III benchmarks equally to different one.5GHz Qualcomm S4 smartphones just like the HTC One X. It falls simply many points behind the One X, and it feels responsive despite the strain of TouchWiz four. Is it one amongst the quickest automaton phones presently on the market? affirmative it’s. will it feel quicker than the iPhone 4S? Not such a lot, however that is AN automaton vs. iOS issue. The phone has Adreno 225 graphics, and that is a capable graphics processor that may handle the most recent 3D titles well. we have a tendency to tested a range of games that worked utterly, although goop Payne did not draw on screen controls on the GS III, creating it not possible to play. That looks to be a compatibility issue with some Samsung models and also the developer is functioning on it issue.


The smartphone runs automaton OS four.0, the most recent and greatest version of that OS. it’s Samsung TouchWiz four, and if you are a Samsung owner, the UI can look terribly acquainted to you. In fact, it very does not fit vanilla automaton in the least, and Samsung goes farther than HTC’s Sense to skin automaton (watch our video review to examine TouchWiz in detail). You get Samsung’s regular customized app symbols,their widgets for varied Samsung apps and services like Media Hub, S Memo, S Calendar (it currently skins Calendar rather than being a separate app) and Samsung’s music and video players in addition as a number of latest widgets. There ar several, several screens of widgets to settle on from
out of the box. Samsung’s own app shop is on panel, as is their crony picture.


Share function, AllShare Perform DLNA loading, a wireless cluster PowerPoint presentation function, and a exclusive Universe S III to Universe S III crossing of automaton Beam NFC and local area network Direct referred to as S Beam. Honestly, there is additional code here than most folks will wrap our heads around. Samsung’s code push is maybe excessive: a number of the apps and options feel additional like buried gee-whiz gimmicks than stuff that is simple to use and necessary. That said, you’ll be able to explore what you would like and ignore the remainder.


The most talked regarding feature is Samsung’s S Speech. It’s Vlingo on steroid drugs and it tries to fight Siri on the iPhone however loses. wherever Siri will a reasonably sensible job of hearing and understanding USA, S Voice appears like my part deaf granny from the mother country whose English may be a very little far-out. It helps if you speak quite loudly at the phone once issue commands, and forget victimisation it in blatant
environments. Like Siri, it delivers your instructions to a hosting server victimisation the info affiliation and also the server interprets those commands and tells the phone what to try and do. If your knowledge / local area network affiliation is slow or down, you will get “sorry, network affiliation error” information. look into our movie evaluation to analyze S Voice in action. it’s helpful for many common tasks like checking the weather or your next appointment, however it does not had best with those fanciful language queries that Siri handles therefore well like “what’s the that means of life?”


You can set the phone to continually listen for your command (prefaced with one thing like “hi Galaxy”), which will impact battery life. instead, you’ll be able to set it to run whenever you double-press on the house button, which does not have an effect on battery life.

One of our favourite options is however the phone can mechanically decision the person you are presently texting if you set the phone to your head once viewing that speech communication. and that we adore the good keep feature that uses the front camera to examine if you are looking at the phone’s screen and prevents it from turning off whereas you are looking at it (but why is not this feature turned on by default?). Less helpful however cool if you would like to impress your friends is that the PIP (picture during a picture) feature wherever you’ll be able to play a video within the Samsung video player and faucet a button to stay that video running during a little window whereas you are in different apps.


Like the Galaxy S II, the S III has AN eight megapixel camera that may shoot 1080p video, however quality has improved over the S II. we have a tendency to still noted some exposure problems in bright out of doors shots wherever the camera rendered hazy pictures, however the new HDR feature helps greatly therewith. Dedicated image process chips ar subsequent massive issue in high finish phones (the HTC One X has one too), which permits for very fast shot times. Again, just like the HTC One X and One S, you’ll be able to shoot photos whereas at the same time recording video however there isn’t any moving picture possibility like that of the One X. There ar lots of effects to play
with: visibility, macro method, experience experience detection, grin recognition and panorama. this is often a awfully capable camera, although we have a tendency to provide the sting to the HTC One X for image quality.


Video quality is great at 1080p and 30fps: video is sharp and colourful with sleek motion and small within the approach of blockiness. the continual optical device typically hunts once many subjects ar in motion right away, however overall it’s nice stuff.

For those of you United Nations agency cannot be social enough, there is Share Shot: a feature wherever you and your GS III-toting buddies will share photos in real time over a local area network Direct affiliation. Speaking of social, crony picture Share can pray you to tag faces and assign photos to your social networking friends. This was a success or miss feature and it typically did not acknowledge nearly identical shots of constant person, and it thought a plant was my relief.


Is the Samsung Galaxy S III a superb smartphone? affirmative it’s. Given the ample preorders, i believe several of you’d get this in spite of what I aforementioned regarding the phone. That speaks of Samsung’s momentum within the smartphone market and their wonderful account. is that this Samsung’s best automaton phone ever? affirmative it’s, however there’s space for improvement. i would like to see Samsung use top quality materials and innovative styles in their prime tier phone. I want they’d hamper on the absurd range of options and apps introduced with the GS III, and instead targeted on creating many core apps very solid. S Voice may be a fantastic feature that desires additional development (it’s onerous of hearing, vulnerable to network affiliation errors and wishes additional language AI to contend with Siri). With additional work, it might very sell people on the Galaxy S III. If Samsung axed the cluster forged PowerPoint presentation sharing over local area network feature to pay longer on S Voice and identity verification in photos, the smartphone world would be a much better place. code and cosmetic gripes aside, the Samsung Galaxy S III has extraordinary voice quality, a quick hardware and sensible battery life for a robust phone. If you purchase one, you most likely will not be foiled.

Price: beginning at $199 for sixteen gig model with contract.


Display: 4.8″ capacitive multi-touch HD Super AMOLED show. Resolution: 1280 x 720, facilitates both symbol and scenery ways. Has an normal light indicator and a gryroscopic indicator.

Battery: Lithium Ion standard rechargeable. Battery power is user exchangeable. 2100 mAh.

Performance: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait CPU with Adreno 225 design. 2 jobs RAM, 16 jobs storage with ~12 jobs free. Some providers offer a 32 gig design.

Size: 5.38 x 2.78 x 0.34 inches wide. Weight: 4.7 oz..

Phone: Differs by service provider. 3G EV-DO Rev. A on Dash and Verizon, 3G HSPA+ on AT&T and T-Mobile. LTE 4G on AT&T, Verizon and Dash models (Sprint’s LTE network isn’t live as of this writing). HSPA+ 42Mbps for T-Mobile design.

Camera: 1.9MP front photographic camera and 8MP back photographic camera with LED display and 1080p videos.

Audio: Built in speaker, mic and 3.5mm conventional music headset slot.

Networking: Incorporated double group WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Wireless 4.0.

Software: Android operating system OS 4.0 Ice Cream Food with New samsung TouchWiz 4 and a number of New samsung applications such as S Speech, S Ray, S Memo, Media Hub, music and movie gamers and Friend Photo Share.

Expansion: 1 SDHC microSD card port.


Motorola Atrix HD

When a apparently great end cellphone comes in at $99 on agreement, our first thought is “something has to be absent”.Yes, really AT&T is the very well aggressive with their  agreement costs, but consider the charming Htc Lumia 900: amazing cellphone, but the components specifications aren’t up there with the $199 cellular phones. The $99 Sony models Xperia Ion has an stylish steel covering, a stand-out show and a 12MP photographic camera, but it’s operating Android operating system 2.3 Gingerbread on a third rather than 4th creation CPU. So what’s the tale with the deal cost New samsung Atrix HD?



The Atrix HD seems to have it all: Android operating system 4.0 ICS, a charming 4.5″ “ColorBoost” 720p show, the same 1.5GHz 4th gen Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core CPU as the New samsung Universe S III and HTC One X, an 8mp back photographic camera that can capture 1080p movie, double group WiFi (nice), Wireless 4.0 and a GPS. The only factor losing is NFC, but that isn’t a huge deal (yet) on AT&T since there’s no way to use it for cellular expenses.

Design and Ergonomics

Despite the name, the New samsung Atrix HD is a GSM New samsung Android RAZR rather than the reincarnation of the last two Atrix Android operating system cell cellular phones on AT&T. It has the beveled Gorilla Cup front side and a Kevlar returning with the RAZR’s exclusive top cap that homes the photographic camera, LED display, HDMI and USB slots. It’s a excellent looking cellphone with a enclosed covering. That indicates you can’t exchange the 1780 mAh Lithium Ion battery energy since it’s enclosed within. There is a microSD credit cards port on the part though, along with a small SIM credit cards port. The Atrix HD’s sides are flat and have smoother shapes than the Android RAZR, and we acknowledge to choose the RAZR’s edgier and more personal style.


4.5″ cell cellular phones aren’t small monsters, but the 4.9 ounces Atrix HD is reasonably easy to keep. I find the hand-centric shapes of the HTC One X more relaxed, but the Atrix HD is less slick than the curvy-glossy New samsung Universe S III. Despite its a bit small monitor size, the Atrix HD isn’t considerably small than the One X and GS III.


I acknowledge to love the designed Kevlar returning for both looks and structure. The a little bit rounded Gorilla Cup sides give the cellphone a more refined look and the dark on white-colored red stripe on our white-colored design gives noticeable interest. There’s a huge presenter grill on the returning problem, and this is indeed a noisy cellphone with more volume than most cell cellular phones provide. The small energy and quantity manages on the right part are a bit hard to media, but we like having both small USB and small HDMI slots (no tracking for MHL adapters).



The Atrix HD has a 4.5″ TFT LCD with ColorBoost (Motorola’s marketing term). As the name indicates, it has outstanding shades that are wealthy yet not artificial. The 1280 x 720 show is equipment distinct and gets a lot shiny. Watching perspectives are also wide, though the HTC One X’s viewing perspectives are a bit broader with less glare. Moto’s show informs us of LG’s IPS shows, and that’s a great factor. As New samsung prefers to emphasize us, since this isn’t a Extremely AMOLED show like the Universe S III, there’s no Pentile Matrix and causing few of subpixels. The 326 ppi show is thus distinct with no written text jaggies upon close examination.


Calling and Data

The New samsung Atrix HD has simply outstanding contact great quality. In fact, AT&T’s top four Android operating system cellular phones all provide outstanding speech (Atrix HD, HTC One X, New samsung Universe S III and the Sony models Xperia Ion). Inbound and confident speech are extremely obvious, full and quantity is sufficient. The presenter is also better than regular with regards to quantity and volume, and it informs us of the exclusive Droid’s presenter.


The cellphone is quad group GSM with 3G and 4G HSPA+ on the 850/1700/1900/2100MHz groups. It has LTE 4G and obtain rates of rate averaged 23Mbps while publish rates of rate averaged 17Mbps in the Facilities place. Those are obviously outstanding information rates of rate that are similar to AT&T’s other top LTE Android operating system cell cellular phones.

Reception is strong on 3G and LTE, as we’ve come to anticipate from New samsung, and LTE wedding celebration is again similar to the top four Androids on AT&T.

Performance and Horsepower

Don’t let the price range cost deceive you: the Atrix HD has the same 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 “Krait” CPU as the HTC One X and New samsung Universe S III on AT&T. That’s currently the quickest CPU available on a US Android operating system intelligent phone, and the Atrix HD indeed seems quick. Motorola’s very fresh version of Android operating system OS 4.0.4 Ice Lotion Food no question helps rate things along as well. The cellphone has the regular 1 gig of RAM but only 8 jobs of inner storage space (~ 5 jobs available) vs. 16 jobs on the big guys. That’s still enough for huge app set ups, and there’s a microSD credit cards port situated on the cell phone’s part so you can further increase storage space for media data files and records. New samsung says the Atrix HD is suitable with credit cards up to 32 jobs potential.


Software: Ice Lotion Sandwich

I really like what New samsung has done with Android operating system OS 4.0.4 Ice Lotion Sandwich; or more particularly I like what they haven’t done. This is the greenest skin on Android operating system I’ve seen yet for ICS devices, and that’s a great factor. It doesn’t bog down the intelligent phone or foolish down the UI and try to create it look like Gingerbread so people won’t have to learn a new technique here or there. Motorola’s customized rectangle symbols are here, but that’s fairly much it for important UI changes. One factor they did add (or rather subtract) is a exclusive desltop treatment where you begin with one main display and add others, as you want. You can begin with layouts or just an additional vacant display. For those who don’t mess their homepages with limitless icons and symbols, this is much better and you won’t be using through undesirable and needless shows.


Motorola’s Smart Activities from the Android sequence is here, and it provides useful configurations customized remaking based on time of day or location. You can have it use different appears to be and email plans when at perform vs. house, for example. When it’s bed time, it can instantly decrease energy intake by improving synchronize durations.


Well, it isn’t all pet dogs and flowers. The 8 mega-pixel photographic camera is remarkably regular, and this is the one place where the Atrix HD fails to deliver of the One X, GS III and Sony models Xperia Ion. It has a shiny LED display and it can capture 1080p movie at 30 fps, but images absence the distinct details of the competitors. Photos have noticeable relics and both images and movie have oversaturated shades (which some people may like). It’s not a terrible camera; it’s just not outstanding like the 8MP and higher competitors on AT&T.


The Atrix HD has a front side 1.3MP photographic camera that proved helpful well for movie discuss using Skype and Search engines Talk. Our movie associates said we seemed obvious and shiny.

Battery Life

Though I own and use cellular phones with enclosed battery power that can’t be changed on the street, I’m not a fan. If you’re 9 time into company business and your cellphone operates out of juice, you’re either connected to an AC store instead of getting perform done or you’re balancing exterior battery energy features that outflow cost the cellphone. Such is the cost we pay for slimmer and less large cell cellular phones.

The Atrix HD, like the RAZR, has a Lithium Ion battery energy that’s enclosed within. We do wish Talkabout and AT&T had gone with the RAZR MAXX’s much more adequate battery energy, but this is a $99 cellphone. That indicates a 1780 mAh battery energy that will get regular customers through the day with the regular program of every night asking for. If you’re a light customer, you’ll probably go 2 days on a cost. If you’re a loading movie enthusiast, play activities with passion or get around using the GPS for everyday visits, the cellphone may not create it until bed time. The same is true of the HTC One X (battery also enclosed inside) and the Xperia Ion. The New samsung Universe S III’s 2100 mAh battery energy generates 20 to 40 moments longer runtimes, which isn’t much, but it does have a detachable battery energy.


We’re really stunned at Motorola’s first Android operating system 4 device for AT&T. It has the fashionable excellent looks of the Android RAZR with the cost tag of a deal intelligent phone. The 720p show is very distinct and multi-colored with excellent viewing perspectives and outside exposure, and the presenter is above regular. Call great quality is covers as are information rates of rate and the cellphone is quick thanks to ICS and the Qualcomm S4 CPU. The enclosed battery energy isn’t perfect for street fighters who need 12 time of large use per day on a cost, but for regular use it’s sufficient (and no more intense than the HTC One X). Our only complaint? The photographic camera is reasonable but doesn’t keep up against AT&T’s top Android operating system cellular phones. But if top great quality picture isn’t your top concern and your price range is limited, the New samsung Atrix HD is a champion.

Price: $99 with 2 year agreement, $449 without contract.


Display: 4.5″ ColorBoost TFT LCD. Resolution: 1280 x 720, supports both portrait and landscape modes via accelerometer. Has an ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and gyro.

Battery: 1780 Lithium Ion rechargeable. Battery is not user replaceable.

Performance: 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 Krait CPU with Adreno 225 graphics. 1 gig RAM, 8 gigs internal storage.

Size: 5.25 x 2.70 x 0.30 inches. Weight: 4.9 ounces.

Phone: GSM quad band with 3G/4G HSPA+ on the 850/1700/1900/2100MHz bands. 4G LTE. Has the Mobile Hotspot feature.

Camera: 1.3MP front camera and rear 8MP camera with LED flash that can shoot 1080p video.

Audio: Built in speaker, mic and 3.5mm standard stereo headphone jack.

Networking: Integrated dual band WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Software: Android OS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Light Motorola UI customizations and Motorola Smart Actions and Vehicle Mode, full suite of Google Android apps. AT&T apps include AT&T Navigator and Family Maps, AT&T Live TV, Yellow Pages Mobile, AT&T Code Scanner.

Expansion: 1 SDHC microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note (T-Mobile)

There’s nothing like the 5.3″ New samsung Galaxy, the first phablet to accomplish shop bought success. Available first offshore at the end of 2011, it made its way to AT&T in the delayed winter time of 2012 and now it’s lastly available on T-Mobile US. What’s a phablet? A smart phone that’s big enough to be a little product. This Android operating system smart mobile phone has a 5.3″, 1280 x 800 Incredibly AMOLED High definition show (the same quality as most 10.1″ Android operating system tablets). No question, this is a big cellphone in a globe where big mobile phones are the pattern. But it creates the 4.8″ Galaxy  look lightweight and it’s not for those with little arms who can’t stand the goal toward bigger mobile mobile phones. I have large arms and a love of wallet computer systems, so the Galaxy continues to be one of my preferred mobile phones of all-time. The large display is outstanding for eBooks, GPS routing, game playing and note-taking and illustrating with the involved S Pen.

The New samsung Galaxy wil be available Aug 8, 2012 on T-Mobile. It’s $249 with a 2 season agreement and $599 without agreement. It’s available only in black.


The New samsung Galaxy operates Android operating system OS 4.0.4 with Samsung’s TouchWiz application. It has a dual digitizer with both capacitive touch and a electronic pen (included) that’s much more accurate than a capacitive stylus pen. It’s thin and mild despite its otherwise large measurements, so it actually can fit in a spacious bank account. It’s relaxing that the cellphone has a detachable battery energy and a microSD cards slot; two items that have become a victim of unibody styles starting with the iPhone.


The New samsung operates on the similar 1.5GHz dual-core Qual-comm S3 Processor as the AT&T edition, and other than service provider custom remaking and the T-Mobile HSPA+ 42Mbps mobile stereo, it’s almost the same as the AT&T edition, and very near to the worldwide edition we analyzed in Dec 2011. So little has modified that we won’t go over everything in this review: the Observe is a known amount by now. The cellphone has dual group WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Wi-fi bluetooth 3.0 + HS, NFC and a GPS with GLONASS assistance. It has a front side 2 mega-pixel electronic camera and a back 8 mega-pixel electronic camera with LED display and a little SD cards port.



Since Android operating system machines well, the show is easily readable and written text and symbols aren’t small. The cellphone is actually very simple on the sight, and for those who choose little print styles and symbols, you can main the cellphone and decrease the dpi to 240 or 280 from its remarkably great 320. The very great conventional pixel solidity creates for very distinct written text and pictures, and that creates up for the Pentile Matrix that we and other evaluators harp on because it uses less sub-pixels than LCD shows, which can decrease the of written text in reduced dpi shows. Why not use the more recent Extremely AMOLED Plus show that has a conventional RGB pixel agreement and drops the Pentile Matrix? New samsung uses Extremely AMOLED Plus shows on little and reduced quality shows, but technical restrictions avoid them from creating more substantial than 4.5″ High definition displays utilizing the more latest Plus technology.That indicates both the Observe and New samsung Universe S III mobile mobile phones have Extremely AMOLED HD shows, but the Observe looks better than the S III to my sight. New samsung went for split with the Observe and it has better shade adjusting (whites don’t look as blue) and a clearer look than the a little bit reduced quality 4.8″ Universe S III.

Calling and Data

The T-Mobile Universe Observe is a quad group GSM globe cellphone with 3G and 4G HSPA+ 42 Megabyte per second on T-Mobile’s groups. Call quality is very outstanding with complete and obvious speech on both finishes. The presenter phone has just regular amount, which is amazing for such a large cellphone where there’s more room for an adequate presenter (the same is true of other Universe Observe variants). Wi-fi bluetooth proved helpful well in our assessments with a wide range of Wi-fi bluetooth headphones, music sound system and a car kit. There’s no need to keep this large cellphone to your head to call people.


T-Mobile has outstanding service in our area, and their HSPA+ obtain rates of speed competing AT&T and Verizon’s LTE rates of speed. The New samsung Universe Observe averaged 17.4 Megabyte per second down and 1.9 Mbs up according to the app. The publish rates of speed are considerably reduced than LTE on the other two providers because T-Mobile hats publish rates of speed to allow for better obtain rates of speed (most folks care more about obtain speeds).

The cellphone has WiFi contacting for those who don’t want to eat up plan minutes or have poor mobile protection. The Cellular Hot spot function allows you to use the cellphone as a high-speed wireless device for laptops, pills and other gadgets. The Observe uses a conventional size SIM rather than a little SIM.

Performance and Horsepower

The T-Mobile New samsung Universe Observe operates on the identical 1.5GHz Qual-comm Snapdragon S3 Processor with Adreno 220 design as the AT&T design. AT&T had to go with the Qualcomm CPU for LTE incorporation, and furthermore T-Mobile needed the Qualcomm chipset for HSPA+ 42 Megabyte per second and so they couldn’t go with the New samsung Exynos dual-core CPU used in the worldwide edition. Genuinely, performance is pretty near between the two systems, so it’s not a adhering point.


The S3 is a third creation mobile CPU that was innovative when the first Observe editions came out, but S4 4th creation mobile mobile phones hit the industry a few several weeks ago (HTC One X, HTC One S and New samsung Universe S III) and that places the Universe Observe at a specifications drawback. With regards to recognized performance, the cellphone seems fast enough, with a little bit of lag when changing between applications when several large applications are running (we’ve knowledgeable this in the T-Mobile edition more than the AT&T edition, so a application upgrade could enhance things). In artificial standards, the Observe places up a powerful displaying in AnTuTu and GLBenchmark design assessments, but it clearly can’t ranking as great as the more recent and quicker S4 as mentioned in Quadrant. Still, it places up very outstanding figures, and I must say that smart phone CPU rates of speed are advancing quicker than we can come up with difficulties to guarantee those rates of speed. The cellphone can manage the newest games like Deceased Induce just fine; no need for a Tegra 3 or Qualcomm S4 to perform those well. Likewise, the Observe can manage 1080p movie play-back, Adobe Flash and Blockbuster online completely.

S Pen and Apps

The large show and effective Wacom dual digitizer are the two features that set the New samsung Universe Observe apart from other mobile mobile phones available on the industry. The involved S Pen that lifestyles in a practical silo offers stress level of sensitivity and a level of precision that you won’t find in a capacitive stylus pen. Not every app facilitates stress level of sensitivity, but we found that most illustrating, artwork and note-taking applications on the Android operating system industry do assistance the pen, thanks in part to Android operating system 4.0’s much extended electronic pen assistance. The pen performs with Alias SketchBook Cellular, Quill and other popular applications on the Search engines Play Store. And it performs with Samsung’s own built-in pen aware applications like S Memo and the new Pro Package applications like S Observe.


S Memo is the mild edition of S Observe, and it’s available as a gadget and you can release it with a dual tap of the pen on the display (while having the pen’s single key down). You can jot notices, place pictures and sound and use the on-screen key pad with S Memo. S Observe and S Memo are among Samsung’s “Premium Apps”, and S Observe contributes hand writing identification and system identification. The system identification performs very well and the hand writing identification is reasonable but not as outstanding as that of the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (a 10.1″ Android operating system product with a electronic pen) or Windows seven pills. Observe our movie evaluation to see it in action.


Artists will appreciate the Observe and pen: it’s like having a wallet sketchbook. S Observe facilitates stress level of sensitivity and you can choose line size and colors–enough to turn out some pretty powerful blueprints. For non-artists, S Observe is useful for diagraming and it can even straighten up geometric figures so those sectors are circular and quadratique clean.


The S Pen performs with Adobe Audience for featuring, underlining and traversing out written text. You can use the electronic trademark function to indication agreements and agreements without making use of pen, document and a fax machine. You can also save display photos of any app (press and keep on the display using the pen while disappointing its button) and indicate up the display taken to your heart’s content: websites, Term records and pictures are your play area.


Samsung’s TouchWiz UI operates roughshod over Android operating system Ice Lotion Food, creating it look and act more like 2.3 Gingberbread in conditions of UI. For once we won’t grumble much, because Samsung’s custom remaking and applications perform in balance with the extra-large show and bring value. The modifications and improvements create the Observe a better device, rather than sometimes seeming like application for the benefit of application on the Universe Observe.

Battery Life

The T-Mobile edition of the New samsung Universe Observe delivers with the same 2500 mAh Lithium Ion battery energy as other editions. That’s a very large potential battery energy, but the smartphones large show needs the additional energy. That indicates the Observe will last provided that other current great end Android operating system mobile mobile phones, but not considerably longer. In our assessments, we handled a complete day on a charge with regular use. Lengthy game playing classes, GPS routing and plenty of loading movie will eat battery energy more quickly. Third events like Mugen offer prolonged battery power that perform well for those who want a beefier battery energy, or you can buy a conventional extra battery energy if you spend plenty of your energy and effort on the street away from energy. Study our Mugen New samsung Universe Observe Extended battery energy evaluation here.


The New samsung Observe uses the same 8 mega-pixel back main electronic camera component as the Universe S II, and it takes multi-colored and distinct pictures as well as attractive though not innovative 1080p movie. The electronic camera is vulnerable to too much exposure in great comparison really brightly lit outdoor configurations, just as with the S II, but otherwise we have no problems. Inside pictures show relatively little disturbance, and the display doesn’t overexpose topics at near range. 1080p movie looks sleek at 30fps, and has a lot of details and shade vividness, though there’s some movement blockiness common of electronic camera mobile phones. The 2 mega-pixel front side electronic camera proved helpful well with Search engines Discuss movie talk and Skype in our assessments. We seemed obvious with outstanding lighting over HSPA+ and WiFi. The back electronic camera isn’t as distinct as the HTC One S and New samsung Universe S III with their next creation internals and BSI indicator, but it’s still a powerful electronic camera.


Do we like the New samsung Universe Note? Yes we do, and that hasn’t modified from the worldwide and AT&T editions that we analyzed several several weeks ago. This Android operating system smart phone with a large great definition show and electronic pen is ageing very well, and there’s still nothing else like it available on the industry (LG tried to contest with the Optimus Vu but it was missing the Note’s miracle and never came to a US carrier). If you want to look at video clips without looking for a product or view websites without requiring to zoom capability, the Universe Observe is covers. For performers and note-takers, the Observe can’t be defeat, unless you’re willing to move up to a product with pen feedback.

Price: $249 with 2 season agreement, $599 without contract.


Display: 5.3″ Wacom capacitive multi-touch show with effective digitizer and pen. Resolution:1280 x 800, facilitates both symbol and scenery ways. Has an accelerometer and an normal light indicator. Other sensors: digital compass feature and measure.

Battery: Lithium Ion standard rechargeable. Battery power is customer disposable. 2,500 mAh.

Performance: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 MSM8660 CPU with Adreno 220 design. 1 gig RAM and 16 jobs inner storage space.

Size: 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38 inches wide. Weight: 6.28 oz..

Phone: Quad group GSM with quadband 3G/4G HSPA+ 42Mbps.

Camera: 2 MP front digital camera and 8 MP back main auto-focus digital camera with LED display. Can capture 1080p video.

Audio: Designed in presenter, mic and 3.5mm conventional music earphone port.

Networking: Incorporated double group WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Wireless 3.0 + HS. Has NFC.

Software: Android operating system 4.0.4 Ice Lotion Food with New samsung TouchWiz UI. Standard package of Android operating system applications plus New samsung applications such as their app store and Press Hub. New samsung S Memo and S Observe applications for pen feedback. T-Mobile included applications such as T-Mobile TV, account administrator, City ID and more.

Expansion: 1 microSD cards port (under back cover, must eliminate battery to eliminate or place a card).


Samsung Galaxy Note II

You know the New samsung Universe Observe was one of our top choices last season, right? Well, the New samsung Universe Observe II, a 5.5″ smart phone or phablet is even better. It has a bigger show, a much quicker CPU than our US first gen Observe, a better electronic camera and more S Pen features. The Observe II is available on all significant US providers, with a $299 cost tag with agreement ($369 on T-Mobile). The query is: though the Observe II is certainly much enhanced, does it have what it takes to contest with other huge Android operating system mobile mobile phones that have walked up their game since the exclusive Observe shipped?


Specs at a Glance

The Dash, AT&T and Verizon wi-fi editions have LTE 4G along with 3G, while the T-Mobile design has 3G HSPA+ (which T-Mo contacting 4G and is reasonably fast). A very quick New samsung Exynos 1.6GHz quad primary processer abilities the cellphone with 2 jobs of RAM. Other offerings include NFC, double group WiFi, Wireless bluetooth 4.0, a front 1.9MP electronic camera and back 8MP electronic camera with BSI indicator and quick lens (same as the outstanding Universe S III camera). The cellphone has 16 jobs of inner storage space and there’s a microSD cards slot as well. And yes, the tremendous 3100 mAh Lithium Ion Plastic battery power is removable: go Samsung!


Design and Ergonomics

In this evaluation, we look at the Dash, T-Mobile and Verizon wi-fi editions, though all Observe II versions have similar components (other than mobile receivers and logos) and carrier-added applications. The Observe II is available in white or titanium, and in either situation it’s completed in Samsung’s dearest incredibly shiny plastic materials. The cellphone is a little bit higher and ever so a little bit smaller than the first gen Observe, so it’s no more difficult to hold in one side. That said, this is a very huge cellphone, though not as ungainly as the 4:3 element rate LG Instinct on Verizon wi-fi. It creates the New samsung Universe S III look petite and the iPhone 5 seems like a mini-phone.

This is a slick cellphone, and regardless of shade you get the same ultra-glossy nasty that wants to slide through your fingertips or glide off irregular areas. It’s a bit frustrating, and including a situation to enhance hold creates the cellphone even bigger and bulkier. We really like the cellphone, but we’ll keep harping on Samsung’s shiny completes that shout nasty until they enhance.


The cellphone has two capacitive control buttons for Selection and Returning, and a components key for House (the Verizon wi-fi edition has a undesirable Verizon wi-fi Logo applied on the House button). The small USB slot is on the end, and as per regular for New samsung the power key is on the higher right part while the quantity musician is on the left. The microSD cards slot is under the back cover (no need to eliminate battery power to exchange a card) and the small SIM cards is under there as well.


Big Display Experience

The Universe Observe II has a 1280 x 720 show (down a bit from the first Note’s 1280 x 800 display) but it’s even bigger at 5.5″. You’re basically obtaining the similar high quality as the Universe S III and other great end Android operating system mobile phones, but everything on-screen is expanded to complete the bigger show. That means bigger web page written text that’s understandable without cruising, and films that are immersive on the huge show. At 264 ppi pixel solidity is decreased from the 306 ppi GS III, but the Extremely AMOLED HD show still looks distinct. New samsung has enhanced the show to an irregular RGB red stripe (bye-bye Pentile Matrix, although this is however not much far from Pentile’s irregular sub-pixel shade stripe). Though the pixel solidity isn’t extremely great, video clips and pictures look charming, even if written text isn’t as blade distinct as on greater PPI mobile phones and pills. Those of you who study a lot of guides would probably still choose greater solidity shows to the Observe II’s if you have outstanding sight. If you don’t and thus benefit bigger written text styles, you’ll probably like the Observe II better. Color fringing isn’t an issue. Shades are very soaked in comparison to IPS shows, but many people enjoy a lot of shade vividness along with the great comparison and strong shades of black of Samsung’s Extremely AMOLED HD shows.


Samsung creates use of the hd and S-Pen with customized application, similar to that found on the Observe 10.1 product. There’s S-Note for note-taking, finish with technique and hand producing identification. And there’s a side-by-side app perspective for choose applications like the web web browser, e-mail, S-Note and movie gamer so you can see and use two applications at once. In fact, the screen cunt is flexible so you can have the web web browser complete 2/3 of the screen and S-Note the staying 1/3. It’s a amazing use of the big show, though it still creates most feeling with 10″ tablets. As of this publishing, the T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon wi-fi designs have the side-by-side app function, and AT&T should offer it as an OTA upgrade soon. Finally, Samsung’s fancy sailing movie gamer is on panel, so you can perform video clips clip in a resizable, transparency-adjustable screen on top of any app or the desltop.


Since many other Android operating system mobile mobile phones are encroaching on the Observe II’s hd act, the application and S-Pen are important items that set the Observe II apart from the competitors. But what if you don’t find divided screen perspective attractive or perhaps you don’t have a need for the electronic pen, there’s the 4.8″ New samsung Universe S III, 4.7″ HTC One X and One X+ and the hd LG Optimus G. Is there a place for the Universe Observe II? For those who really like a hd for bigger written text and for viewing video clips, the response is certainly yes. But for many people, the more wallet and side helpful 4.5″ to 4.8″ mobile mobile phones operating at the same high quality will do the key for less money and wallet property. The Observe II, compared with the first Observe, is no longer the finest high quality smart phone, and other mobile mobile phones have encroached on the exclusive Note’s monitor dimension. Who’s the current high quality leader? The HTC Android DNA on Verizon wi-fi with a 5″, 1920 x 1080 Extremely LCD3 show.

Call Quality and Data

As mentioned, the Dash, AT&T and Verizon wi-fi editions have 4G LTE, while the T-Mobile edition (coincidentally the nearest to the worldwide version) has HSPA+, which is officially a very quick taste of 3G, though both T-Mobile and AT&T contact it 4G as well. Why doesn’t T-Mobile’s Observe II have LTE? Because that service provider currently does not have an LTE system. The LTE editions offered the predicted publish and obtain rates of rate in comparison to other mobile mobile phones on their specific systems. T-Mobile’s edition did as well as their other HSPA+ devices, which is quite outstanding in the Facilities place, and sometimes as quick as LTE. Sprint’s LTE system is in its beginnings, but we’re among the first marketplaces here in Facilities, and we saw obtain rates of rate of 9 Megabyte per second and publish rates of rate of 3 Megabyte per second on regular. AT&T has the quickest information system in our place, and we averaged 19 Megabyte per second down and 6.8 Megabyte per second up. Verizon wi-fi responded to with 12.6 Megabyte per second down and 5.1 Megabyte per second up. All four versions have the mobile hot spot function, so you can use the cellphone as a high-speed wi-fi device for your product or laptop (depending on your information plan). Websites fill very quickly and Search engines Play Store downloading are quick.


Voice high quality on all four versions is very outstanding for both inbound and confident speech. Calls audio clear and our contact individuals and we could easily understand each other. The cellphone performed perfectly with our vehicle’s built-in Wireless bluetooth and a wide range of Samsung, New samsung and Jawbone Wireless bluetooth headphones. Given the cell phone’s dimension, it’s likely you’ll want to use a Wireless ear phones.

Horsepower and Performance

The smart phone operates on Samsung’s highly effective 1.6GHz quad primary Exynos CPU with MALI 400 design. It consumes up standards, it fun at 3D assessments. The Observe II obtained 6,001 on Quadrant, which is quicker than older Tegra 3 designs and it only drops a little bit behind Qualcomm’s S4 Pro quad primary CPU and more than a little bit behind the more recent Tegra 3 in the HTC One X+. On GLBenchmark 2.5 it surpasses everything except the HTC Android DNA. This Android operating system smart phone won’t feel slowly a season into your agreement.



Like the Universe S III, the Observe II has an similar 8 mega-pixel electronic camera that can capture 1080p movie. We still mentioned some visibility problems in shiny outside photos where the electronic camera delivered obscure pictures, but the new HDR function helps significantly with that. Devoted picture handling snacks are the next big thing in great end mobile phones (the HTC One X has one too), and that allows for extremely quick taken times. Again, like the Universe S III, HTC One X and HTC One S, you can capture pictures while at the same time documenting movie but there’s no slowly movement option like that of the One X and One X+. There are a lot of results to perform with: visibility, macro method, face identification, grin identification and surroundings. This is a very capable electronic camera.


Video high quality is outstanding at 1080p and 30fps: movie is distinct and multi-colored with sleek movement and little in the way of blockiness. The ongoing auto-focus sometimes tracks when several topics are in movement at once, but overall it’s great things.


As with the first creation New samsung Universe Observe, if you don’t mind a very huge cellphone and your use tends more toward web, e-mail and movie rather than contacting, the New samsung Universe Observe II is a exclusive cross-over cellphone that works both as a small product and a cellphone. It’s not very portable, nor is it easy to use with one side, but nothing surpasses the hd encounter when viewing video clips or browsing the web without panning and cruising. Our dream? The Observe II with the screen high company’s HTC One X+ and the iPhone 5!


Price: $299 on most providers with agreement (higher on T-Mobile)

Samsung ATIV Odyssey (Video Review)

The New samsung ATIV Journey is the manufacturer’s first US Windows Cellphone 8 smart phone. Available on Verizon wireless Wireless for $49 with contract, New samsung obviously wasn’t shooting for a leading device, and they’ve yet to bring the higher end ATIV S (equivalent to the New samsung Universe S III in terms of hardware) to the US. The ATIV Journey is similar to the Universe S III Mini and it has a multi-colored 4″ Super AMOLED show running at 800 x 480 in a very compact form.


The smart phone runs on the standard Windows Cellphone 8 internals: a 1.5GHz dual-core Qual-comm Snapdragon Central processing unit for the a gig of RAM. It has just 8 jobs of inner storage space with approximately 5.3 jobs available, but don’t lose heart: it has a microSD cards slot on the side that’s compatible with credit cards up to 64 jobs. We loaded 32 and 64 gig credit cards with songs and videos and the content easily appeared in the songs and movie apps.


This looks like a New samsung smartphone: it’s dressed in slick and shiny plastic materials and the greyish striated returning goes for that same faux metal look as does the New samsung Universe Note 2 and the New samsung Smart PC ATIV 500T Windows 8 tablet. It’s nonetheless durable and the great thing is the returning is detachable so you can exchange the ample 2100 mAh battery power and get access to the micro SIM cards. The device has 4G LTE on Verizon’s network along with 3G EV-DO Rev. A and world GSM roaming abilities. Call top quality is very excellent and the ear piece is louder than regular.


The phone has double band WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, a GPS that performs with Bing Charts, VZNavigator and even Htc Drive Try out. There’s a front movie chat photographic camera that performs fine with Skype and a typical top quality 5MP rear photographic camera with LED flash. The device has a detachable battery power (a plus vs. the more stylish and also more expensive HTC 8X and Htc Lumia 920 whose battery power are enclosed inside). The phone’s biggest problem? The Htc Lumia 822 on Verizon wireless is now free and it has a larger show, a better photographic camera and more inner storage space.

The New samsung ATIV Journey is the manufacturer’s first US Windows Cellphone 8 smart phone. Available on Verizon wireless Wireless for $49 with contract, New samsung obviously wasn’t shooting for a leading device, and they’ve yet to bring the higher end ATIV S (equivalent to the New samsung Universe S III in terms of hardware) to the US. The ATIV Journey is similar to the Universe S III Mini and it has a multi-colored 4″ Super AMOLED show running at 800 x 480 in a very compact form.

The smart phone runs on the standard Windows Cellphone 8 internals: a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with a gig of RAM. It has just 8 jobs of inner storage space with approximately 5.3 jobs available, but don’t lose heart: it has a microSD cards slot on the side that’s compatible with credit cards up to 64 jobs. We loaded 32 and 64 gig credit cards with songs and videos and the content easily appeared in the songs and movie apps.


This looks like a New samsung smartphone: it’s dressed in slick and shiny plastic materials and the greyish striated returning goes for that same faux metal look as does the New samsung Universe Note 2 and the New samsung Smart PC ATIV 500T Windows 8 tablet. It’s nonetheless durable and the great thing is the returning is detachable so you can exchange the ample 2100 mAh battery power and get access to the micro SIM cards. The device has 4G LTE on Verizon’s network along with 3G EV-DO Rev. A and world GSM roaming abilities. Call top quality is very excellent and the ear piece is louder than regular.

The phone has double band WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, a GPS that performs with Bing Charts, VZNavigator and even Htc Drive Try out. There’s a front movie chat photographic camera that performs fine with Skype and a typical top quality 5MP rear photographic camera with LED flash. The device has a detachable battery power (a plus vs. the more stylish and also more expensive HTC 8X and Htc Lumia 920 whose battery power are enclosed inside). The phone’s biggest problem? The Htc Lumia 822 on Verizon wireless is now free and it has a larger show, a better photographic camera and more inner storage space.

LG Optimus G Pro

The LG Optimus G Pro is that “other” phablet available on the industry. At 5.5″, it’s big even in comparison to modern massive leading Android operating system cellular phones like the HTC One, New samsung Universe S4 and Sony models Xperia Z. That’s the same observe size as the New samsung Universe Observe II, which was formerly the only 5.5″ intelligent phone available on the industry. But LG got intelligent after their problems with the LG Optimus Vu, an extra wide-body super-sized intelligent phone provided on Verizon wi-fi in the US. The Optimus G Pro is actually phone-shaped and not quite as extensive as the Observe II, and it’s much smaller than the 4:3 element rate Optimus Vu. That means though it’s huge, and still not particularly well best for those with small arms, it’s a bit more phone-like and simpler to hold and use with one side than the Observe II.


The LG Optimus G Pro (not to be puzzled with the Optimus G) is an Android operating system intelligent phone with a complete HD 1920 x 1080 IPS show, quad primary 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Pro CPU, 2 jobs of RAM and 32 jobs of storage space. It’s unique to AT&T in the US, and offers for $199 with agreement and $549 without. It’s $100 less expensive than the New samsung Universe Observe II, but comes with twice the storage space and no electronic pen. Clearly for those of you who want the big show but could care less about the pen, the less expensive LG is worth a look.

Design and Ergonomics

Like the Observe II, the Optimus G Professional is a shiny, awful mobile phone with a extractible coming back protect that allows access to the 3140 mAh detachable power supply, micro-SD cards slot and tiny Sim card dock.  The style is generic: it basically looks a like bigger edition of many other Android operating system rectangle-shaped, dark nasty cellular phones available on the industry. It has a bit less style than the invitingly thin and shapely Observe II, but it seems every bit as strong and well made. Actually battery power entrance isn’t as wafer thin as Samsung’s, though the cellular phones discuss a similar weight. It doesn’t look in the least bit price range, but the style basically doesn’t take a position out.


As with many other cellular phones, the energy key is on the higher right side part and the quantity musician is on the remaining part, creating it well best for right passed customers. We really like the assignable key on the higher remaining part. By conventional it’s allocated to QuickMemo, but I allocated it to the electronic camera. You can set it to release any app that you wish, such as downloadable applications from the Search engines Play Store. We also appreciate the one-handed option that reduces the dialing software and key pad and changes it to your choice of right or remaining part to help you to use with one side.

Calling and Data

The LG Optimus G Pro has very excellent contact quality on AT&T’s network: we observed almost no qualifications disturbance and comments were clear with excellent highs to fish range for both inbound and confident speech. Call quantity is regular, and the single returning shooting presenter is sufficient but not extremely noisy for presenter phone calling and multi-media.


Data rates of rate were very excellent on LTE 4G, and information rates of rate dropped between the spritely New samsung Universe S4/Note II (both with very great obtain speeds) and the HTC One. We averaged 18.8Mbps for downloading and 8.1Mbps for submissions according to Ookla’s app. The cellphone has the cellular hot spot function so you can use it as a high-speed wi-fi device for your laptop or product.

Performance and Horsepower

The Optimus G Pro operates on the innovative Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU quad primary CPU which is 1.7GHz, just like the HTC One. It uses Adreno 320 design and this is currently the quickest CPU and GPU you can get in a intelligent phone. That said, as we’ve seen before, LG’s cellular phones ranking a bit reduced than the competitors in artificial standards. Can you see or feel the difference? No, because it’s quicker than the OS and challenging applications like 3D activities need.


The cellphone has 2 jobs of RAM, and that too is innovative, so you have a lot of storage for multi-tasking. It has 32 jobs of storage space like the non-expandable HTC One, and that’s twice the storage space you get with the New samsung Universe Observe 2 and New samsung Universe S4 platform $199 (with contract) edition. Awesome. Given how much space modern 3D activities need, we’d really like to see 32 jobs as the conventional on great end cellular phones, especially since the OS and pre-installed application eat up 9 jobs of that storage space. You can increase storage space using microSD cards up to 64 jobs potential. Keep in mind that you can set video recording clips, tunes, records and other details on microSD cards but you can’t set up applications on microSD cards with Android operating system 4.0 and more recent.


The cellphone operates Android operating system 4.1.2 Jam Vegetable with a guaranteed update to 4.2 (also known as Jam Vegetable since it’s not a significant update). It has LG’s Optimus UI that informs us of Samsung’s TouchWiz, but it’s more beautifully formed down. The cellphone facilitates movement features: turn it experience down to quiet an alert or ring and to stop movie, and as with New samsung latest Universe cellular phones, it can watch your experience to avoid the show from switching off when you’re looking at it.


As with other latest LG Optimus Android operating system cellular phones, the G Pro has QSlide for multi-tasking (with only 4 apps), QuickMemo for taking notices and screenshots anywhere and cooperation over the system with other LG Optimus cellular phones. QSlide allows you flow the fund calculator, Discover Pad, Plan and film game player in a sailing, resizable screen. These sailing applications have visibility slider cellular phones, but you’re restricted to just 4 applications, which fails to deliver of Samsung’s choice of Multi-Window applications.

13 Mega-pixel Camera

The huge, distinct 1920 x 1080 IPS show and the 13 megapixel returning electronic camera with LED display and HDR are the Optimus G Professionals greatest promoting factors. We see enhancement here over the 13MP electronic camera on some Optimus G versions from last year, and it takes truly charming and natural seeking pictures.


Colours are a minor far very powerful when considered on a PC observe, though they might not look it on the cell phone’s show when as opposed to New samsung Universe S4 or Observe II’s images considered on their super-vibrant Extremely AMOLED shows. If you’re interested in electronic photography, I don’t think you’ll be frustrated with the G Pro. Is it better than the Htc Lumia 920 and New samsung Universe S4? Not so much; in reality it’s a close competitors. It’s certainly excellent enough to not deliver me returning to those cellular phones when I need to take excellent images and 1080p movie.

Battery Life

Big cellular phones have room for big battery power, and the LG Optimus G Pro has a relatively huge 3140 mAh battery power. That’s 40 mAh more than the New samsung Universe Observe II, but that’s not enough included potential to matter. The cellphone has a very quick but also very energy effective CPU, and Qualcomm’s LTE 4G chipsets are now amazingly energy economical, and that helps the LG energy through a complete day on a cost quickly with regular use. The show is the greatest energy customer (that’s true of most bigger show smartphones), and generating 1920 x 1080 p consumes a bit more energy in comparison to reduced quality shows.


Our first cost produced useless runtimes, but after that, the Optimus G Pro revealed very excellent endurance, even when creating generous use of loading movie services and enjoying 3D activities like Real Rushing (3D activities are cruel when it comes to energy consumption). We still found that the Observe II survived Half an hour longer for real use time on a complete cost, but both cellular phones are covers for battery power thanks to their huge battery power.


The LG Optimus G Pro has everything a super-phone should, except New samsung and Apple’s fantastic standing and marketing costs. Actually, I do wonder if this Android operating system intelligent phone will get all the regard it should get. It’s LG’s best Android operating system cellphone up to now, and we’re satisfied at the fast enhancement they show here in both application and components. Yes, it could look more stylish and stylish, but one could quickly say the same of other Android operating system cellular phones. The cellphone has an excellent complete HD IPS show that’s readable outside and is particularly appropriate for studying written text. It also functions a very quick CPU, a enjoyable UI that contributes useful variations without bogging down the cellphone and a very excellent 13MP electronic camera.