Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is undoubtedly the glowing star for the Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 release. The device is available in a wide range of vivid shades along with the more staid grayscale options. For those who like a splash of shade there’s The lenders trademark cyan, yellow-colored and red. Much like the very eye-catching Lumia 900, it has an famous unibody thermoplastic style, Nokia unique applications that are truly useful and enjoyable and a amazingly low $99 with agreement cost on AT&T ($449 without). That really puts the hurt on the Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 HTC 8X that offers for $199 in its 16 gig version on AT&T.


The Lumia 920 has top of the line components, compared with the Lumia 900 that felt old at release because it was hobbled by Microsof company windows Cellphone 7’s low-ball components specifications. Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 goes to contemporary components and everything about the Lumia 920 is aggressive with excellent end Android operating system cellular mobile phones. It operates on a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait CPU with a gig of RAM and 32 jobs of storage space. It has an outstanding back 8.7 MP photographic camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and rear lighted indicator that performs exceptionally well at low mild photography. There’s a front part photographic camera that you can use with the review edition of Skype for Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 that Microsof company added to the app shop a few days after the 920’s US release. AT&T has a 6 month unique on the Lumia 920 in the US, so you’ll either have to go with AT&T or use the revealed edition on T-Mobile (sorry Dash and Verizon wireless customers, the GSM Lumia 920 won’t work on your networks).


The phone has double band WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Wireless bluetooth 3.0, a strong GPS and NFC. It facilitates wi-fi asking for and early adopters will get a 100 % free wi-fi asking for mat according to AT&T and Nokia (it offers for $50 otherwise).

PureMotion HD+ Display

The 4.5″ IPS show operates at 1280 x 768 quality, creating it incredibly aggressive with the top Android operating system cellular phones and iPhones with Retina show. The Nokia actually a little bit factors previous the iPhone 5 for pixel solidity by 6 ppi (332 vs. 326) and is considerably before most big display Android operating system cellular phones with regards to pixel solidity. Of course, you get a considerably larger show with the Lumia 920 vs. the iPhone 5, and one particular that’s massive plenty of to contest with today’s giant 4.7 to 4.8 inch Android operating system cellular mobile phones. The wrap-around Gorilla Cup is eye-catching, though it does generate glare, but thanks to polarizing filters and a very amazing 600 nits of max lighting, it’s easily readable outdoors. That’s not the end of the Lumia show function list: it’s a extremely sensitive capacitive show that performs with finger claws (in my assessments this might take more than one tap if you have very lengthy nails) and even safety gloves. Leave it to the people from cold Finland at Nokia to manage that feat! The LCD has a 60Hz renew rate and deep, wealthy shades of black. Colors are vivid and it’s a actual pleasure to watch movie and perspective images. Though quite soaked, shades are more balanced and organic compared to AMOLED and Super AMOLED shows. Excellent going, Nokia. The shiny, excellent comparison and soaked show create the HT 8X look a little bit boring in comparison.


Design and Ergonomics

If you’ve seen the Lumia 900 or even the Lumia 800, you have a wise decision of what the Lumia 920 looks and seems like. The Lumia 920 is broader than the Lumia 900 in the middle and some shades are shine, but the overall style terminology is the same. The Lumia 920 is large for a 4.5″ smartphone: it is 6.5 oz., which is considerably bulkier than the big 5.5″ New samsung Universe Note II (granted New samsung creates uncannily mild phones) and every other present smart phone available on the marketplace. It’s related in measurement to the 4.8″ New samsung Universe S III, so it’s certainly not a little impact phone. That said, the shapes are all in the right places and it seamless comfort in side. It’s not broader than other present cellular mobile phones so it’s no more of a pain to use one-handed than its competitors.


The flat complete dark and cyan look awesome in their thermoplastic wonder. The shine shades don’t look in the least cheap: rather the shiny shades and glossy solidified surface emphasize us more of a top high quality auto complete (it helps when you have a yellow-colored that’s similar to Lamborghini and a red that’s just a tad chilly than Mercedes red). I confess I like strong shades and the yellow-colored and red Lumia 920s on my desk never fail to create me grin.


The management buttons aren’t just brainless firefox, rather they have a elegant clay complete that performs off the dark glass that parcels around the edges. The part quantity, power and photographic camera management buttons are extremely simple to operate but firm enough that we didn’t press them by accident. The little USB port for syncing and asking for is located on the end, as are the little music sound system. The 3.5mm audio jack and little SIM cards plate are up top. The top and base factors are straight to improve grip, while the edges are rounded for comfort.


The phone facilitates Qi wi-fi asking for with The lenders own asking for mat or others that use the Qi conventional (our Energizer mat proved helpful fine). That indicates you don’t have to buy an alternate asking for returning or sleeve to use wi-fi asking for. This is a unibody style so you in fact can’t eliminate the returning or accessibility battery power that’s enclosed within. There’s no microSD cards port, but gladly the phone has an ample 32 jobs of storage space.

Windows Cellphone 8 and Nokia Software

Windows Cellphone has always been quick, even on slow components. Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 on the Nokia Lumia 920 goes, and I’ve yet to discover myself waiting for the phone. Stay Flooring are now resizable and as always, you can remove service provider bloatware: bye, bye Yellow Pages Mobile! Child’s Corner lets you select the applications, video clips and websites that kids (or anyone else) using your phone has accessibility (think of it as family-focused sign in accounts).


For those of you who haven’t tried Microsof company windows Cellphone yet, it’s a combination between the customizability of Android operating system and the simple intuitiveness of iOS. That’s not to say it duplicates either, because it doesn’t. This is a unique user interface that’s now made its way to the Modern UI with Stay Flooring in Microsof company windows 8 for pills, notebooks and personal computers. It’s closer to iOS with regards to UI and security: it’s a very consistent user interface that’s quite simple to learn, and protection is a priority along with closed down accessibility applications from Windows formal shop for applications. You can choose which Stay Flooring appear on your Start (home) display and set their dimension. You can eliminate applications such as carrier-installed applications that you don’t want. Some Stay Flooring provide up-dates and notices (number of e-mails unread, next sessions, present weather) unless you set them to the tiniest possible dimension where up-dates may no more fit based on the Floor. Typography is key and print styles look distinct and perfectly tuned, and the side-swiping UI in applications is fun and simple to use. Android operating system people, you won’t be able to fill custom ROMs or install applications from untrusted sources and there are no icons here; Stay Flooring that upgrade with thoughts of info are the nearest you’ll get.


Nokia’s Microsof company windows Cellphone applications remain a strong selling feature with Nokia Charts and Nokia Generate Try out offering the option to obtain maps for off-line use and get verbal convert by convert verbal guidelines (Bing Charts provides on-screen guidelines but not verbal directions). There’s Nokia Transportation for those who need huge transit guidelines too. If you don’t get a Nokia Microsof company windows Cellphone, your alternatives are the service provider supplied applications like AT&T Gps (often with a monthly fee) or TeleNav’s Look (also requires a fee).

Nokia Songs has a awesome “mix radio” function where you can stream playlists in a wide range of styles for 100 % free. You can even obtain playlist music for off-line hearing and renew them as you see fit. This creates for a awesome Pandora alternative. Nokia City Lens is also preinstalled for you enhanced reality fans and I’ve discovered it amazingly useful and useful though a little scary when used in areas where you’ll discover out about all sorts of home-based businesses.


The usual outstanding Microsof company mp3 gamer is on board (formerly known as Microsoft zune Songs and now known as XBOX Music). You can fill your own music from your iTunes collection on Mac and Microsof company windows machines via the involved USB cable, or install the smart phone as a huge storage space drive in Microsof company windows and move and drop music, video clips and records onto the phone. Mass storage space is a new function in Microsof company windows Cellphone 8, and Mac assistance has been around since Microsof company windows Cellphone 7 via the 100 % free Microsof company windows Cellphone app in the Mac app shop. The device has Dolby earphone application with EQ and sound out through headphones is excellent: no distortions with obvious trebles and complete bass.

Similarly, Windows movie gamer can play regionally saved movie (MPEG4 and WMV types, such as non-DRM content from your iTunes library) though it doesn’t yet offer accessibility rentals and buys from the XBOX movie shop. The device can handle 1080p MPEG4 movie play-back, though that surpasses display quality so you might as well stick with 720p.

For those who are XBOX customers, there’s account incorporation and you’ll see your character friends and success and there’s a 100 % free down-loadable XBOX SmartGlass app you can use to interact with and management your XBOX. Activities hub is where you’ll discover downloadable games (some XBOX labeled and various not branded). The games are overall top high quality and sell for .99 to 9.99 with most strong more recent headings charging 4.99 to 6.99. That said, you won’t see the large choice of games that you will on the iPhone yet, nor even the same headings that have surpassed over from iOS to Android operating system. There are a few Need for Rate headings, a cellular edition of SIMS 3, Assassin’s Creed, Sound 4, various Upset Birds headings and quite a few informal games that are fun. What’s not here? Shadowgun, Dead Induce and Modern Combat 3.


Windows Cellphone 8 has basic speech instructions to release applications and enter written text for things like look for that’s on par with Android operating system but does not have all the organic terminology question benefits of Siri on the iPhone. Search engines is your conventional google look for engine (surprise) and we discovered Bing’s results to be very useful, especially for regional google look for and the outstanding Local Look app. You can obtain Google Search Stay Floor, but there’s no Search engines Charts app for Microsof company windows Cellphone. We’re OK with that because Nokia Charts plus Windows Local Look choices up the slack just excellent with none of The apple company Maps’ quirkiness.

The e-mail client facilitates most e-mail types such as Exchange, Googlemail, POP3 and IMAP. I set up the phone to synchronize my Googlemail, Search engines Connections and Schedule using the force establishing (IMAP push) and the phone modified as easily as my Android operating system devices with new e-mail and synced calendar items.

This is a Microsof company product so you get the cellular edition of MS Workplace that performs with Word, Succeed, OneNote and PowerPoint data files (you can perspective but not create PowerPoint files). Since it’s a cellular edition you won’t discover all the functions of desktop computer MS Workplace, but the fundamentals are here. The device performs with regionally saved data files, e-mail accessories and records on your Skydrive or Workplace 365 discuss.

Calling and Internet

Nokia cellular phones have always offered high quality contact high quality and the Lumia 920 has excellent contact high quality with complete and obvious speech on both ends. It doesn’t defeat the also outstanding New samsung Universe S III and iPhone 5, but it satisfies and is equal to them with a tiny bit less quality on the excellent trebles than the GS III. Still, it’s one of the better speech cellular phones available on the industry. The device played nicely with a wide range of Wireless bluetooth headphones and headphones, as we’ve come to expect from Nokia, but we did notice it wasn’t compatible with our The apple company EarPods (we heard a higher delivered whine). Stereo headphones proved helpful excellent, so it seems there’s a problem with the mic pick-up in the headphones.

Data rates of speed were excellent over AT&T’s 4G LTE community. However the well-known cross-platform app isn’t available yet for Microsof company windows Cellphone, we used a wide range of other test applications on the Microsof company windows industry for speed assessments and saw good rates of speed. Likewise, app downloading, movie downloading and web page downloading were as quick as we’ve seen on aggressive AT&T LTE cellular mobile phones. The Lumia 920 has the cellular hot spot function so you can use the phone as a wi-fi hot spot for your tablet, laptop or other device. The device uses a little SIM cards.

Performance and Horsepower

While Microsof company windows Cellphone 7 cellular mobile phones were stuck in the last thanks to old Microsof company components specifications, Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 calls for contemporary dual-core processor chips, various permitted show solutions and more RAM. Not that Microsof company windows Cellphone 7 was missing for explosiveness, but specifications do count for marketing reasons and faster components allows for more advanced functions and amazing games. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a gig of RAM and 32 jobs of storage space (currently most aggressive WP8 cellular mobile phones have 8-16 jobs of storage). There’s no microSD cards port, and those used to cause issues because of Microsof company windows Cellphone 7’s cards protection plan so we only saw a cards port on the New samsung Focus, where it caused issues due to cards interface and protection issues. Microsof company windows Cellphone 8 manages microSD cards more beautifully, but so far we’ve only seen the cards port on the Nokia Lumia 810/820/822 Microsof company windows 8 phone that has just 8 jobs of inner storage space. That said, 32 jobs is a proper and balanced amount of inner storage space that can house lots of applications, a reasonable music collection and some function length movies.

The 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core Krait CPU is the same you’ll discover in excellent end Android operating system cellular phones like the New samsung Universe S III and HTC One X. Provided, a few quad primary Snapdragon CPUs are hitting the industry now (LG Optimus G and Nexus 4), but the dual-core is still great powerful and more than adequate to keep the Lumia 920 moving along incredibly easily. It does very well in combination system standards like AnTuTu and Sunspider.

Nokia PureView Camera

The back 8.7MP photographic camera is outstanding, though in our assessments it hasn’t completely trounced the top competitors from New samsung and The apple company. It does however edge forward in low mild and night situations. Photos are distinct and obvious but not over-sharpened and shade vividness is attractive though we mentioned the same tendency for whites to blossom that we saw in the Lumia 900. 1080p movie has excellent frame rates, even in low mild and does defeat out the competitors unless we’re talking about the 41MP Nokia PureView.

Overall, images are organic and wealthy looking, and you’d be challenged to tell them apart from a compact digital photographic camera. Remodelling the conventional photo configurations and adding a little improving in post handling results in some very excellent images. 1080p movie isn’t the least bit blocky and has excellent shade and detail. This is definitely a awesome photographic camera to capture with and it is excellent enough for print images and YouTube movie submissions. If you wish, the phone can save your pics and vids to your Skydrive reasoning storage space (7 jobs of storage space are included). These will instantly appear in your Photos app on a Microsof company windows 8 PC if you use the same Microsof company windows Stay sign in on both computer and create contact with. You can discuss these with others if you like, but the conventional keeps them securely private for your eyes only.

The back photographic camera has an amazing attributes along with a rear lighted indicator, fat f/2.0 26mm Carl Zeiss lens with double LED flash and visual image stabilizing. The top part f/2.4 1.2MP photographic camera does 720p movie for distinct movie chat.

Battery Life

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a 2,000 mAh Lithium Ion plastic battery power that’s enclosed within (like the iPhone and HTC One X, you can’t exchange in a spare). We had no trouble creating it through the day on a charge with average use, and it survived provided that my Universe S III. Some customers have revealed short runtimes, but I haven’t experienced that problem with our two Lumia 920 units. The device does assistance more solid multi-tasking than Microsof company windows Cellphone 7.5, so if you do have battery power issues, restart the phone to see if that opens up up background applications that might be hogging periods. Also use the returning key to quit out of games and Nokia Generate rather than the property key (the one with the Microsof company windows logo).

The Lumia 920 has wi-fi asking for built in using the Qi conventional. The lenders asking for flat offers for $50 or you can use other brand asking for mattes that use Qi.

Pet Peeves

Monolithic quantity administration, actually? There’s one range building and that indicates when you convert down you movie performer’s quantity, your ring tone quantity is also reduced. If you forget to convert it returning up after it clip is done, you might not hear your phone ring. And no look for in the calendar application? Please Microsof company, fix this!


The Nokia Lumia 920 is undoubtedly the idol phone for Microsof company windows Cellphone 8’s release. It has an elegant and unforgettable style that seems excellent in side and looks elegant. The fantastic 4.5″ IPS show has wealthy shades, outstanding comparison and it performs with safety gloves. Though written text doesn’t look quite as coloured on as it does on the HTC One X, HTC Android DNA and iPhone 5 the display’s higher than normal pixel solidity and sharpness create for an outstanding experience. The device is very quick and constant, and it has plenty of inner storage space. I’ve been using it for a week as my main phone and have put my New samsung Universe S III in the drawer: amazingly, I haven’t skipped my S III all that much, even though I’ve been a large Android operating system customer for decades (with trysts with various Microsof company windows Phones and iPhones tossed in over the years). My only caveats? The device is quite large for its dimension and the app choice is good and balanced with many of the big gamers provide, but it continue to can’t coordinate the iPhone and Android operating system (yet). The only thing holding the Lumia 920 returning from our Editor’s Choice prize is app choice. Hopefully in another year we’ll see a blossom of Microsof company windows Cellphone applications, that will no more be a problem.

Price: $99 with agreement and $449 without contract


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