Samsung Galaxy S4

What has an outstanding 5″ complete HD show, TouchWiz and is dressed in bright, slick plastic? You got it: the New samsung Universe S4. In this review we look at the AT&T edition, and that indicates we get to test this leading Android operating system smart phone on a solid LTE system. For those who aren’t up to speed on this charming smartphones specifications, the New samsung Universe S4 has a 1920 x 1080 Incredibly AMOLED show, a very excellent 13 mega-pixel back electronic photographic camera with HDR, LTE 4G, NFC, Gps navigation with GLONASS, an IR AV Distant, a detachable 2600 mAh battery energy and a microSD credit cards slot. It’s the adhere to up to the very well-known New samsung Universe S III, and though the show is a bit bigger, the S4 itself isn’t bigger and it’s a tad less heavy. It will be available on all major US suppliers, several little US suppliers and on many suppliers offshore. The cellphone is available now on AT&T in the US and Dash, T-Mobile will adhere to soon after and the Verizon wireless Wireless edition will be available by the end of May.

s4_hand Mobiviews

Design and Ergonomics

For a 5″ smart phone, the New samsung Universe S4 is extremely lightweight and mild at just 4.6 oz.. It’s a locks little than the 4.7″ HTC One, little than the 5″ Sony models Xperia Z and just a locks higher than the 5″ Sony models Xperia ZL that’s currently the tiniest 5″ cellphone available on the industry. Though it looks like a near duplicate, the GS4 is significantly little than the 5.5″ New samsung Universe Observe 2. At 0.31″, it’s very thin, and that creates it much simpler to keep than you might anticipate for a huge smart phone.

Yes, it’s bright nasty and doesn’t express the sense of great quality that the metal body HTC One and iPhone 5 do, and it’s not produced and finished in an interesting fashion like the also thermoplastic Htc Lumia 920 or HTC One X+. It’s still a very nice looking cellphone, and the imitation steel part cut is effective. That cut smashes up the nasty boredom and creates the cellphone look attractive. The bad information is that it’s still incredibly slick and the back electronic camera lens projects a little bit, so it’s the vital factor that strikes the table. The great factor is that the complete and materials are very resilient and the returning is detachable so you have accessibility battery energy and a microSD credit cards slot. The Universe S4 is available in dark and white-colored. The dark style has a reflection complete.

htc1_GS4_back Mobiviews

Typical of New samsung, the energy key is on the higher right part and the quantity musician is on the higher left (perfect for right passed folks). The 3.5mm ear phones port is up top, the little USB slot is at the end and the SDXC microSD credit cards slot is under the returning cover. The cellphone syncs and expenses via the little USB slot and it facilitates USB variety OTG. We examined it with our USB OTG wire and display pushes and it proved helpful completely.

Samsung went with straight factors rather than the very rounded factors on the Universe S III and pretty rounded factors on the Universe Observe II. That’s a little but important style enhancement because it’s much simpler to hold and pull out of a wallet or bag. In comparison, the Universe S III was similar to a slick bar of detergent that forced me mad. The top side has a physical House key (the kind that moves) and it’s in the middle of capacitive, backlit Selection and returning control buttons. As ever, these are very delicate to contact and they’re near to the edge, so I discover them simple to suddenly media. Since the cellphone has a complete package of control buttons, you’ll never lose display property to on-screen control buttons as you do on the Nexus 4 or HTC One when a menu key is required.

Calling and Data

The first factor I said after using the New samsung Universe S4 is that it seemed just like my Universe Observe 2, and that’s a great factor. The Observe 2, Universe SIII and Universe S4 have outstanding inbound and confident speech great quality with excellent quantity. Actually, there’s no qualifications disturbance or hiss on our AT&T style, and I sometimes considered if the contact had decreased during lulls in discussion. The cellphone delivers with music headphones with an inline mic and you can use it with Wireless bluetooth headphones, car packages and exterior sound system. Call great quality through Wireless bluetooth was outstanding.

Data Rates of speed on AT&T’s LTE system were likewise outstanding, coming in a little bit before HTC One and identical to the Observe 2 and Universe S III on the same system. Our cellphone averaged 18.5Mbps down and 16Mbps up on AT&T’s LTE system in the Facilities area. Wedding celebration is also very similar to the S3, HTC One and Observe II. We had no problem with decreased contacting.


Full HD, 1920 x 1080 is the new defacto conventional for Android operating system leading mobile phones. It’s here and it’s stunning. Yes, this is still a Incredibly AMOLED show with a PenTile matrix, but at 441ppi, pixel solidity is greater than the human eye can take care of even at a near 7″ away from the show. New samsung has improved and progressed the PenTile display’s irregular RGB red stripe, and we can no more see staircasing on characters or any mobile effect on written text. Even the unusually soaked shades are called returning a tiny bit, though we still wouldn’t say these are organic shades when as opposed to iPhone 5’s IPS show or the HTC A person’s outstanding Incredibly LCD3 show. But many people really like better than lifestyle shades and have grown acquainted to them through the years of New samsung mobile phones, so that’s not a worldwide dark indicate against Samsung’s latest leading. New samsung includes several shade establishing options, and with Movie method and to a less level Expert Picture method (akin to Natural method on the Observe II), you can achieve something nearer to actual shades. Along with temperature is a little lower than the Universe S III, and that indicates white wines that don’t look blue.

s4_back_galaxylogo Mobiviews

Since Incredibly AMOLED shows are energy starving in comparison to LCD shows, New samsung is as ever traditional with lighting. When guide lighting is allowed, you can’t actually set the show as bright as automated method accomplishes in complete sunshine. On the other hand, automated method is still too dim for us in the house in house lighting (please New samsung, change your backlight curves). So we had to turn off auto-brightness in the house to avoid a dim show and turn on automated lighting when outside so we could see the show. The Universe S4’s show is somewhat more noticeable than the Universe Observe II’s show outside, and it surpasses the Universe S III outside by a broader edge, but it’s still difficult to see in comparison to better LCDs outside.

In general, white wines still look a little dull while shades of black are the wealthiest you’ll see on a cellphone show. Comparison is fantastic when watching pics and vids, though it experiences when watching dark written text on a white-colored qualifications (web webpages and ebooks) since the white-colored qualifications isn’t white-coloured. This is a wonderful display general, and video clip clips and pictures look particularly excellent, but it’s not ideal.

To contest with the Htc Lumia 920, there’s a establishing that enables added display level of sensitivity for those who wear safety gloves. As with previous Universe mobile phones, there’s a energy saving establishing that adapts backlight in accordance with the picture shown, and it does a much better job of keeping written text (like ebooks) looking reasonably bright while allowing movie and pictures glow.

Performance and Horsepower

The New samsung Universe S4, HTC One and future LG Optimus Pro are the first three US mobile phones with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600 CPU. While the other two mobile phones run at 1.7GHz, the S4 operates at 1.9GHz, though the 200MHz didn’t create for important variations in standards vs. the HTC One. One exemption is GLBenchmark that actions 3D style performance, where the S4 drawn forward in a significant way. Is this one of the quickest Android operating system mobile phones on the market? Yes it is, and the components is fast enough to support the many application functions and procedures that New samsung contributes. Has ours lagged or stuttered? Not yet, though it’s not quite as liquid as the HTC One with a much cleaner OS. A very fast experience, especially if you want to turn iPhone owners, is more important than a 3% better displaying on standards vs. other Android operating system leading mobile phones. Hint: we’d like to see New samsung reduce on TouchWiz and the amount of qualifications programs.

s4_back Mobiviews

The cellphone has 2 jobs of RAM and 16 or 32 jobs of inner storage space (at release only the 16 edition is available in the US, but we hope to see the 32 style soon on AT&T). The 16 gig style has only 9 jobs free for your use, and the rest is taken up by Samsung’s application and other involved programs. That’s not much if you’re into 3D game playing, since several well-known 3D activities like Bard’s Story and Superman Arkham City take up 2 to 3.6 jobs each. If you are a player, you may want to wait for the 32 gig style (if offered by your carrier). Genuinely, now that Android operating system has a healthy selection of outstanding (and storage-hungry) activities to contest with iOS, we’re frustrated that Android operating system cellphone producers mostly stick with 16 jobs of inner storage space for their greater end mobile phones. Yes, you can increase storage space with microSD credit cards up to 64 jobs (the cellphone facilitates SDXC cards), but remember that with Android operating system 4.0 and greater, you can’t set up programs to a credit cards (that’s Google doing at the OS stage, it’s not a producer decision). For those of you who require enough for video clips, music and pictures, the credit cards will continue to perform completely to meet your storage space needs; only programs must be saved internal.

s4_lens Mobiviews

Fast mobile phones can get cozy, and the Universe S4, despite its nasty covering, does get quite heated to the contact near the electronic camera, and the display can get very heated too when playing 3D activities for 15 moments or a longer period (for example Actual Rushing 3 or Deceased Trigger). We expected the metal-clad HTC One to experience warmer since steel sends heat more easily than nasty, but the Universe can get similarly heated. When we ran several standards continuously over a 20 minute period, we mentioned that the Universe S4 throttled the CPU and Adreno 320 style processor and standard numbers decreased. In practice, we haven’t observed important structure falls in activities or loading video–benchmarks are even more penalising than modern most challenging real lifestyle projects.

Software and TouchWiz

Samsung has tossed a terrible of a lot of application at their “evolutionary” leading, and while some of it is indeed gimmicky, we found a few gemstones like Intelligent Remain (a function we really like on the New samsung Universe Observe 2) and the ability to float a side over the sleeping cellphone to see enough time, skipped contacting, information and battery energy (Air View). Still, the actual number of functions and their learning bend can be complicated, especially for iPhone transforms and New samsung beginners. A few decades ago when New samsung revealed the Universe S II, many evaluators said, “it’s the program, foolish” in response to Samsung’s attempt to fight the iPhone. All the functions in the New samsung Universe S4 attack me as a joint snazzy jerk reaction rather than a natural effort at an environment of truly valuable application. And the point that some functions (Air Perspective, Air Action and Intelligent Scroll) perform only in choose programs is both annoying and complicated. If you provide a customer a new way of directing the cellphone, it better perform everywhere, New samsung.

s4_back_partial_water Mobiviews

S Translation actually performs better than Samsung’s speech control and we examined it with In german, France, China and Language with outstanding results. Unusually, it performs much better than Samsung’s S Voice (voice control software) that was intended to contest with Siri but still seems to need a hearing aid and an infusion of greyish matter.

Smart Scroll? Suspicious in its current version and it creates me experience like a bobble head. This function watches your sight and face and scrolls the site down when your sight reach the end of the site (at least in theory).

Smart Remain uses the front side side electronic camera to determine if you’re looking at the show. If you are, it won’t turn the show off. Wonderful stuff and it performs well.

Multi Screen is another function from the Observe range and we really like it. You can have two programs open part by part (not all programs are supported) and there’s a fast launcher bar that bursts up to choose your multi-window programs. Note: media and keep the returning key to show and cover up the launcher bar.

Air Action (wave your side across the show to scroll)? Interesting and innovative, but not something I discover myself using much, in part because informal side actions and moving dark areas change pictures or advance webpages when I didn’t want that to happen. A few decades from now when it performs better, maybe. I give New samsung credit for getting little steps into the future of handling, even if it’s not ready for primetime now. It’s more fun to trial to your friends than to use day to day.

s4_corner Mobiviews

The new Observe On AV Distant with partner IR? Excellent and for some purpose it details more wire TV suppliers than the New samsung Universe Observe 8.0 edition of Observe On that came out only weeks prior to the S4. Unusually, though the app is depending on Peel’s solid AV remote and development guide, just like the HTC A person’s TV app, the New samsung app didn’t have requirements for some of our relatively common equipment like our Sony models AV recipient, but the HTC One did. New samsung Observe On’s UI is a bit less straightforward than the A person’s and its development suggestions weren’t as targeted. But it does incorporate with Blockbuster online, which we really like. And you can even have it hang out for fast accessibility on the task bar and on the rest display.


In sunshine, the back 13MP electronic camera is fantastic, and Samsung’s many ways and functions create it a lot of fun to use. We wish it had faster focus for pictures and visual picture stabilizing like the Lumia 920 and HTC One when capturing movie, but it takes extremely specific and vibrant pictures. Low light? Not so much, though it’s still better than most electronic camera mobile phones available on the industry except the HTC One. The electronic camera has a BSI indicator, HDR method for pictures and 1080p video clips, just as you’d anticipate from a higher end electronic camera cellphone. The LED display is quite bright and it effectively lighting up little areas. Actually, we took a picture of a person sitting in near night and from looking at the photo, you’d think the room’s lighting were on. The top side 2 mega-pixel electronic camera proved helpful well for pretty obvious and bright movie conversations.

s4_black_tmo Mobiviews

Samsung’s new electronic camera UI is outstanding, and it’s in accordance with the new Universe Digital camera’s UI. It’s very simple to choose between the various capturing ways and it’s obvious what each one does. While the HTC One has many of the same ways, their picker doesn’t create it as simple to tell what each method does. Samsung’s unique Dilemma method stitching together several pictures taken in succession: ideal for sports or fast paced children and you’ll end up with a picture of your subject moving across the structure. Audio & Taken is also cool: it catches a few seconds of sound when you take a picture. Well done. These accessible electronic camera ways will tickle your creative crazy bone. The end result is that you’ll likely take more pictures and have more fun looking at them subsequently.

For more serious professional photographers, there are variety configurations and remodelling them can generate even better shots; hint: turn on movie stabilizing which is turned off by conventional, and perform with the different photo metering ways for best visibility. Those who are serious photo lovers like me will appreciate the specific pictures, excellent overall visibility and lack of unwanted electronic handling relics. The average customer who just wants a bright shot with excellent contrast will also be satisfied, but the HTC A person’s conventional configurations may do the job better. If you want to print pictures or use them for professional programs (vertical industry workers, journalists), the New samsung Universe S4 is amazing.

Battery Life

The New samsung Universe S4 has a detachable 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery energy, and that’s at the great end of conventional battery energy capacity for “normal” size mobile phones that are 5″ and under. For those of you who dislike exterior battery energy features, the swappable battery energy is a precious function. And I’m sure we’ll see extended battery power that both become thick the thin cellphone and increase runtimes further. The Universe S4 made it through the day (9am to 11pm) with average use that involved Half an hour of contacting, loading movie for 45 moments, getting 30 pictures, surfing around the web, verifying email and using Search engines Now.


and the included Flipboard app for info up-dates throughout the day. It does well for a cellphone with a huge show, fast CPU and LTE 4G. It doesn’t have quite the endurance of the HTC One that survived 45 moments a longer period (in a mix of actual use efforts and rest time), but it far exceeds the Sony models Xperia Z, whose battery energy isn’t a strong point. I do worry about third party programs downloadable from the Search engines Play Store and their connections with Samsung’s very complicated application. I’ve downloadable just 15 programs from Search engines Play, and already mentioned a evening where battery energy cleared 40% over night for no purpose. Another evening it decreased 30%, but some night time had only 7% falls. Well.


The New samsung Universe range of mobile phones is a juggernaut; like the iPhone, the next generation will sell well centered simply on brand commitment, trust and understanding. Even so, the New samsung Universe S4 has a lot to offer, and though I wasn’t confused with really like for the Universe S III, the S4 is seriously attractive me. The fantastic electronic camera and related functions, comfortable experience in the side, exchangeable battery energy and application like Intelligent Remain and Air Action are difficult to provide up once you’ve utilized them. Our product has been speedy, as well as though it’s not always as spritely as the HTC One and Sony models Xperia Z and ZL that carry less heavy application plenty, it hasn’t lagged seriously or sputtered in a annoying manner. Call great quality is fantastic, information speeds over LTE 4G are outstanding and the show has those better than lifestyle shades that many really like. If you choose the New samsung Universe S4, you won’t be frustrated.

Price: $199 for 16 gig with 2 year agreement, $639 without agreement. Costs differs with other suppliers.



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