BlackBerry Q10

Take heart BlackBerry diehards, your day is lastly here. The BlackBerry Z10 was just a warm up and a guarantee to the QWERTY trustworthy that their device would come. The BlackBerry Q10 operates the all new BlackBerry OS 10.1, based on perfect QNX, and it’s extremely contemporary as opposed to OS on the BlackBerry Bend and Highly effective. And yes, it has a components QWERTY key pad that won’t let you down. Toss in a 3.1″ AMOLED touchscreen technology and you’ve got the Q10. The internals are similar to the touchscreen technology standing BlackBerry Z10, and though the components can’t contest with the most effective Android operating system cellular phones, it doesn’t need to because the OS is enhanced for the components inside (much like Windows Cellphone and the iPhone are highly enhanced for specific hardware). The device has a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 2 jobs of RAM and 16 jobs of inner storage. The BlackBerry Q10 will be available on all major US providers and on many providers offshore. Here in the US at release, it’s $199 with agreement ($99 down plus $20 monthly installments on the recently contract-less T-Mobile).



The OS and basic routing perform just the same as on the BlackBerry Z10, so we won’t go into excellent details in this evaluation. The OS facilitates multi-tasking via effective glass (small windows that floor across the multi-tasking screen), and it has several displays for the app launcher (app icons). BlackBerry Hub is your specific mailbox for all notices from e-mails to text messages, to skipped contacting and alarm systems. It’s simple and user-friendly and you don’t have to leave the Hub when responding to e-mails, social media information and text messages. In fact, there are neither symbols nor a individual app for your various e-mail options, though there is an SMS/MMS symbol. Tweets, Facebook or myspace, LinkedIn and Foursquare are pre installed. Box and Dropbox are pre-loaded as is BlackBerry Charts (not the most effective applying and routing solution we’ve seen), a quick way to the YouTube cellular site and Records to Go for cellular MS Office suitable perform. The OS comes with a file administrator, PIM applications that can synchronize with MS Return and other services like Search engines, POP3/IMAP/Exchange, weather, a time, finance calculator, Adobe Audience, a games website and a compass.


The BlackBerry Q10 has dual group WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Wireless 4.0, NFC and a GPS with digital compass feature. It has a back 8MP digital camera with an LED display (the same as the Z10) and HDR method that comes complimentary of OS 10.1. BlackBerry Globe is your one stop shop for applications, music and movie. As we mentioned with the  BlackBerry Z10, the application variety isn’t going to arrive shut to aggressive with iTunes, Search engines Play for Android operating system and even the Windows Cellphone app store. The OS and environment are very young, and we want to see more applications as time advances, though this in part relies on how many folks buy OS 10 gadgets (developers need a reason to create applications, after all). Still, some popular applications are here like Skype, MLB at Bat, Upset Parrots, Search engines Talk (a RIM app), TuneIn Stereo and Wisepilot (navigation).


Design and Ergonomics

The Q10 looks like a contemporary presentation of mature QWERTY cellular mobile phones. I wouldn’t contact it a amazing phone (it may be nearly difficult to create a telephone with a components key pad look uber-sexy), but the dark model’s as well as fibre returning attracts the car dork in me and it’s strong too. The mobile phone’s experience has a clean and contemporary look with eye-catching steel pieces between the key series that help you to find your place on the laptop key pad in the dark. The device isn’t very slim, but the components key pad and detachable battery power don’t allow for difficult slimness. The returning cover slips off to expose the detachable 2100 mAh battery power, little SIM cards port and little SDXC cards port.


The steel quantity musician with center action key is the same as the Z10’s, and it’s readily available by contact but firm enough that we didn’t stimulate it inadvertently. The power/sleep key is up top as is the 3.5mm combination audio port. Both the little USB and little HDMI slots are on the remaining side. The 2MP front side digital camera and notice LED that blinks immediate red when information and signals are patiently waiting sit above the show and the presenter is on the base. Our dark model’s returning is grippy but not difficult and seamless comfort in hand. The device is relatively less space-consuming than modern tremendous cellular mobile phones and the Q10 is a bit smaller than the Z10. The Q10 seems durable and the edges are strengthened with steel beneath plastic.

Calling and Data

BlackBerry cellular phones are generally outstanding speech cellular phones, and the Q10 on AT&T didn’t dissatisfy. Our contact individuals thought we were contacting from a residential phone and furthermore inbound speech was obvious with regular quantity by cellular phone requirements. This is a fantastic phone for contacting. Information rates of speed according to were in line with modern LTE 4G cellular phones and our BlackBerry Q10 averaged 25Mbps down and 16Mbps up on AT&T’s LTE system in the Facilities metroplex. The device performed perfectly with our Jawbone and Samsung Wireless headphones and our BMW’s built-in Wireless for contacting.



Gone are the trackballs and visual nav shields found on mature BlackBerry cellular mobile phones. The touchscreen technology changes them, though enthusiasts will likely lament the further travel to the show vs. the nav pad. I have no issues with the thoroughly contemporary touchscreen technology and I suppose the times of reliable routing components have approved. The key pad is genuine joy for components key pad fans and it preserves the shaped fountain important factors we liked years ago on the BlackBerry Highly effective 9900. The sensitive important factors create it simple to tell when you’re on focus on and it’s obvious if you’ve came from your preferred key. The regular BlackBerry key pad strategies live on: dual media the space bar for a period, for example. BlackBerry OS 10.1 provides a variety of components key pad techniques such as writing “tweet” followed by a concept to send a new twitter upgrade, and “BBM Joe Blow” to begin a BBM to Joe. The important factors are sensitive and clicky, and for those who love their components computer keyboard (some 70 thousand strong use BlackBerry cellular phones worldwide), it won’t dissatisfy.



At 328 PPI, the Q10’s show has completely excellent pixel solidity that written text and design always look very distinct, even though the 720 x 720 quality won’t win any contests with current cellular mobile phones. The task is the 3.1″ size: OS symbols and written text are reasonably simple to see but written text in websites and documents is little. That’s the price you pay for the components key pad that takes in much of the top side experience property. Even with cellular websites, I often had to touch zoom capability to create written text easily readable and pc websites have absolutely little written text. As with BlackBerry cellular mobile phones of old, be prepared to zoom capability when watching websites. Email and sms information are easily readable since the OS manages typeface climbing, though you’ll have to search often to study through a method length e-mail. The Super AMOLED show has very outstanding color vividness and comparison and it’s readable outside.


Horsepower and Performance

In an Android operating system phone evaluation, this is where we include many different requirements and evaluate rate in details. As with Windows Cellphone, that’s not necessary here, not just because variety standard programs don’t yet are available for BlackBerry OS 10, but also because the mobile phone’s application is completely enhanced to perform well on the components. This is a quick and sensitive phone and the UI preserves rate after several times of up-time. The effective glass are here, just as with the BlackBerry Z10 operating OS 10, and these are reduced in size windows where your operating applications sit when reduced. Tap one and it operates full show with no significant wait, just where you remaining off. The OS manages memory, so some applications may not upgrade when operating reduced as effective glass, but if you have 9 or less operating, they generally do upgrade. The thoroughly contemporary webkit web web browser with Adobe Flash is very quick and is aggressive with other systems in terms of rate and website interface.

Battery Life

Unlike the BlackBerry Z10 that released with just OK runtimes that enhanced with OS up-dates, BlackBerry clearly targeted on battery power lifespan with the Q10 understanding it had to contest with the OS 7 BlackBerry cellular phones it supplants. Thanks to the little show, relatively undemanding CPU and a large 2100 mAh battery power, the phone provides amazing runtimes. We regularly handled two times on a charge with regular use that involved Facebook or myspace, Tweets and 3 e-mail options up-dates, 45 moments of speech contacting, Half an hour of loading HTML5 movie via YouTube and an hour of web surfing around each day.


Like the BlackBerry Z10, the Q10 has a 2MP digital camera on the top side and an 8MP digital camera with LED display, rear lighted indicator and a quick f/2.2, five factor lens on the back. Though BlackBerry OS 10.1 presents HDR capturing for better excellent comparison visibility, the digital camera is hobbled by a simple UI with few manages. Yes, the iPhone has few digital camera configurations and manages, but Apple has a way of making customers absolve them because pics and vids come out looking excellent without having to muck around constantly with configurations. With the BlackBerry Q10 digital camera, I often think that its outstanding components is not able to meet the iPhone 5, New samsung Universe S3 and Htc Lumia 920 task because the application isn’t as outstanding as it could be and I’m prohibited to modify configurations to help it.

With outstanding, even illumination, images are distinct and vibrant. With marked outdoor sunshine or inadequate inside illumination, HDR really helps bring out details in eye shadows. Video stabilizing is reasonable but not nearly as outstanding the visual picture stabilizing on the Htc Lumia 920. That said, with proper illumination, the BlackBerry Q10 catches distinct and vibrant photos and pretty sleek 1080p movie. And it’s certainly extreme measures ahead of Bend and Highly effective digital cameras. If you’re improving from an mature BlackBerry design, you’ll be in paradise.


The BlackBerry Q10 provides the conventional BlackBerry smart phone into the contemporary age. I suppose it’s enough to create BlackBerry loyalists happy, though I doubt iPhone and Android operating system customers will head to it (that was the BlackBerry Z10’s job). It’s quick, constant, and protected and it preserves enough of the UI conferences of mature BlackBerry cellular mobile phones to create current BlackBerry owners experience a bit less lost. It’s an pleasant components QWERTY smart phone in any where that form factor has all but approved away. Will it begin a BlackBerry emerging trend? I really don’t imagine so, but it might purely be what the physician requested to control the exodus to other systems. Is it a fantastic smart phone given modern outstanding competition? Not such much unless you’re a QWERTY fan or a BlackBerry fan. The little show and lack of applications hold it returning from wide attraction.


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