AT&T Reviews for iPhone 5

Another year, another iPhone. 2012 brings the iPhone five, with the standard long lines at Apple stores and much of plug. however this can be really a awfully solid upgrade: the iPhone five incorporates a 4\” membrane show and true 4G LTE. whereas the three.5\” show on previous iPhones appeared downright quaint in terms of screen realty, the 4\”, 1136 x 640 show sounds like there is space to displayed and browse websites while not chronic zooming. The on-screen keyboard likewise is wider in landscape mode and easier to use. there is an additional row of apps on the house screen. Trust me, you may notice the distinction. And at 326ppi and five hundred nits of brightness and high distinction, it\’s one among the most effective displays on the smartphone market. Apple claims it\’s a four hundred and forty yards wider color gamut that covers the complete sRGB spectrum (that\’s pretty impressive). the sole caveat? Apps that haven\’t been updated to support the new resolution can have black bars at the highest and bottom (we expect most well-liked apps can get updated quickly).


Specs experts can note that top finish robot phones have even higher resolution 1280 x 720 displays, however those displays area unit usually four.5\” to 4.8\”, and therefore the element density is lower, creating for a rather less sharp (depending on your visual acuity) show that will so show even a lot of of websites, spreadsheets and therefore the like. i have been exploitation chiefly massive screen robot smartphones for the past year, and that i realize the iPhone 5\’s show an enormous step within the right direction and eventually a usable size (for Maine three.5\” simply did not cut it). however it still is tough to offer up the large show on different smartphones once you\’ve got become aware of them.

As ever, that ends up in the Apple vs. robot discussion. each area unit excellent platforms, and zip has modified (much) within the argument for every. The iPhone and iOS area unit extraordinarily straightforward to use with nearly no learning curve. it is a terribly stable and quick platform, and therefore the app and media choice is big. robot caters to people who love extremely massive screens, fast CPUs, a customizable UI and a less draconically vetted app scheme. it is not most a matter of that one is best, however rather that one fits your wants.


4G LTE: extremely quick information

If you are upgrading from AN iPhone 3GS or iPhone four with the slower HSPDA or EV-DO flavors of 3G, HSPA+ and 4G LTE can cause you to desire you are on a quick LAN network. Our AT&T iPhone five units average 24Mbps down and 21Mpbs up consistent with the app. Nice! that is on LTE in fact, however you must see perceptibly quicker speeds compared to older iPhone models that had seven.2Mbps HSDPA or EV-DO. For those of you on Sprint and Verizon, that use EV-DO 3G technology, you will not notice the speed distinction unless you have got 4G LTE coverage in your space. Verizon has giant spaces of the metropolitan United States of America blanketed in LTE thus likelihood is smart that you are coated unless you reside in an exceedingly less urban area, whereas Sprint has solely begun the rollout. Note that you simply will create a decision whereas exploitation the info association on the GSM (AT&T) version, however you cannot try this on the Verizon iPhone five, that may be a sore purpose versus some robot Verizon phones which will handle coinciding voice and 4G LTE information.

Given the assorted network technologies and bands employed in the United States of America and round the world, Apple has started producing totally different iPhone five variants for various networks. antecedently they tried to roll it all into one SKU, however that is now not doable with the addition of LTE. which means you mustn\’t obtain a Sprint iPhone five if you would like to use it on AT&T and the other way around. there is still no iPhone for T-Mobile, however those of you United Nations agency want to bring one over will do so: simply take care to shop for the GSM model (AT&T or unsecured GSM). The iPhone five uses a nano SIM; the littlest SIM card nevertheless (Apple came up with the new commonplace, that was then accepted by the ecu Telecommunications Standards Institute).

iPhone five Variants

iPhone five model A1428 (GSM, US): 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands four and 17: 700 and 2100/1700MHz) AT&T offers this model.

iPhone five model A1429 (CDMA): CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1900, 2100 MHz); UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, one900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5, 13, 25: 700, 850, 1800, 1900 and 2100MHz). Sprint and Verizon sell this model. It\’s world capable and may stray on GSM and HSPA+ networks. Word is that the Verizon version has unsecured GSM.

iPhone five model A1429 (GSM, overseas): UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, one900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5: 850, 1800 and 2100MHz)

Design and applied science

Apple excels once it involves build quality, and therefore the iPhone five is not any exception. each seam is ideal and therefore the phone seems like a awfully dearly-won and stylish piece of hardware. The glass and metal look gorgeous and feel nice within the hand, though the planning is simply AN evolution of the iPhone four and 4S lines. The phone is not any wider than the iPhone 4S, and it\’s simply to a small degree bit taller. it\’s dilutant and 2 hundredth lighter than the iPhone 4S (the iPhone five weighs simply three.95 ounces). the burden reduction is welcome and noticeable.


The iPhone five is on the market in white with AN atomic number 13 back or black with a slate back (very dark grey coated aluminum). each area unit smart trying, with the white model carrying on the spirit of the iPhone four line whereas the black model has blacked out Darth Vader sides. Early user reports recommend that the black model is a lot of at risk of back scratches (ours hasn\’t scraped nevertheless, however it\’s solely a couple of days old). The slate back will show some fingerprint oil, tho\’ not plenty, whereas the white with atomic number 13 back stays tidier.

The iPhone five uses the new Lighting connective, a far smaller eight pin, double-sided connective that replaces the traditional thirty pin connective. Some people pitched a match over this, however connectors have to be compelled to evolve over time and we\’re happy to ascertain one thing that is a lot of smaller and easier to insert (since it\’s double-sided, there is not any \”this facet up\”). It will mean that accessories that rely on digital iPod out will not work: Apple sells an expensive $29 eight pin to thirty pin adapter however it provides power and analog audio solely.


Apple includes their new earbuds, dubbed EarPods. These sell for $29 if you would like to buy them singly, and that they area unit so a lot of engineering than the previous earbuds whereas sounding perceptibly higher too. they are available in an exceedingly very little case thus you\’ll be able to keep them tidy once not in use.

Call Quality

Call quality is incredibly smart on our AT&T iPhone five units. Voice on each ends is full and quite clear. Volume is slightly higher than average, being simply slightly louder than our HTC One X. Reception is likewise smart. information speeds area unit glorious (we area unit in an exceedingly smart LTE coverage area). we tend to tried to \”death grip\” the phone (covering giant parts of the sides) and did not note any call reception since the antenna area unitas are currently on the rear high and bottom ends. Clearly, Apple has learned their lesson from the iPhone four and its \”Antenna-gate\” issue.

Performance and HP

As you\’d expect, this can be Apple\’s quickest iPhone nevertheless. makers might play selling games with numerous specs, however Moore\’s Law holds quick for CPUs and that they extremely do get considerably quicker per annum, as do graphics processors. Apple developed the new A6 kick in house, and they\’ve done an amazing job. Not several phone makers conjointly develop mobile CPUs and GPUs (Samsung is one among the few with their glorious Exynos CPU). It\’s notably fascinating to ascertain atiny low company (in terms of R&D worker numbers, not market valuation) develop phone CPUs in-house.


The iPhone five incorporates a triple core PowerVR SGX 543MP3 graphics chip and a twin core one.3GHz ARM compatible A6 SOC (system on a chip) designed by Apple. A 1.3GHz twin core won\’t sound spectacular compared to the quad core and one.5GHz twin core CPUs employed in robot phones and approaching Windows Phone eight models, however boy will this issue kick butt. In cross platform benchmarks, the iPhone five edges out the quickest robot phones on the United States of America market, together with the Samsung Galaxy S III and therefore the HTC One X (the One X really comes near the iPhone five in Geekbench 2). As a refresher, the iPhone 4S and fifth info iPod bit have a slower twin core electronic equipment with twin core GPU, whereas the New iPad incorporates a 543MP4 GPU quad core GPU and A5x processor. The New iPad wants further graphics punch to drive its extraordinarily high resolution show.


Higher numbers area unit higher unless otherwise noted.

Geekbench 2:
iPhone 5: 1643
GS III: 1482
HTC One X (US Qualcomm S4): 1594
iPhone 4S: 623

Sunspider (lower numbers area unit better):
iPhone 5: 935
GS III: 2027
HTC One X (US Qualcomm S4): 1617
iPhone 4S: 2241
iPhone 4: 4015

iPhone 5: 191,105
iPhone 4S:88,416 (iOS 5)
iPhone 4: thirty five,901 (iOS 5)
Samsung Galaxy S III: (stock browser): ninety six,557, (Chrome): fifty nine,072
LG Optimus G (AT&T, stock browser): ninety four,921


iOS 6

The iPhone five ships with iOS half-dozen, Apple\’s latest software system for his or her phones and tablets. It options the subsequent enhancements and additions:

– Apple\’s new maps (Google Maps is gone from the stock firmware)
– Improved Siri which will currently handle queries concerning location-based things and a lot of
– Passbook: suppose Keyring loyalty reward card keeper and tickets for movies and airlines with boarding passes
– don\’t Disturb: close up all those annoying reminders to play Words with Friends once you need to sleep. don\’t be concerned, your wakeup alarm can still sound. you\’ll be able to schedule DND, thus you do not have to be compelled to bear in mind to modify and disable it each morning and evening.
– Facebook integration with the address book, calendar and therefore the campaign application
– Shared pic streams
– Panorama mode for photos


And yes, Apple\’s maps will be offbeat, tho\’ it hasn\’t target-hunting United States of America to Uganda nevertheless for Mexican food. largely we\’ve detected POIs oddities once zooming: with no rhyme or reason POIs disappear once zooming ANd returning to an previous zoom level, however that does not bring back suddenly missing POIs. and a few landmarks just like the Eiffel Tower look foreshortened or press. however confine mind that Google Maps had United States of America entering into endless circles around our massive box store destinations and told United States of America to drive into a creek once it initial came out five years agone. Nokia Maps within the United States of America were even a lot of seemingly to send United States of America 2 countries away for dinner. i believe that Apple can hone Maps in time, and since all information comes from their servers, they\’ll tell it quickly and simply. however till then, trust your carrier-bundled navigation resolution (often supercharged by Telenav) or third party offerings for mission essential destinations.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Above: the iPhone five and iPhone four.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Above: the HTC One X, iPhone five and Samsung Galaxy S III.

iOS half-dozen Walkthrough

Here\’s our iOS walkthrough, for people who area unit notably inquisitive about OS enhancements. a number of an equivalent material is roofed in our iPhone five video review higher than.


The iPhone 5\’s eight megapixel \”iSight\” rear camera incorporates a sapphire crystal lens like high finish watches as a result of it\’s far more scratch resistant than glass or plastic. which means the lens cap is a smaller amount seemingly to induce scraped and cut back image quality. tho\’ the resolution is unchanged from the iPhone 4S, the camera takes photos quicker, and you\’ll be able to take photos whereas conjointly recording video, rather like recent high finish HTC and Samsung robot smartphones. Video is recorded at 1080p, thirty Federal Protective Service with the standard easy, if not oversimplified set of controls. The backside lighted component|device} and five element f/2.4 lens area unit still state of the art for camera phones, and therefore the iPhone five takes a number of the nicest photos and videos we have seen from a smartphone. The rear camera module is formed by Sony (the same is true of the iPhone 4S), and Sony extremely is aware of a way to do mobile cameras right (just check up on the Sony Xperia Ion\’s glorious camera).


The 1.2MP, 720p front FaceTime HD camera is considerably improved in terms of resolution and quality. It replaces the VGA front camera used on previous iPhones and it delivers terribly sharp and bright video for FaceTime and Skype chats due to the BSI device and face detection (both rare on front cameras).

Battery Life
As per usual, the phone\’s Li particle battery is sealed within. you\’ll be able to charge the phone over USB or the enclosed five V, one amp charger (the same charger bundled with previous iPhone models). Apple claims up to eight hours of speak time on 3G (currently no United States of America LTE network supports phonation 4G LTE). They claim ten hours of video playback, eight hours of net browsing on LTE or 3G and forty hours of music playback. Apple\’s battery life estimates for his or her product tend to be fairly correct, and in our tests, the iPhone five is not any exception. Our AT&T unit on LTE had no bother creating it through the day with each push information for iCloud and each fifteen minute fetch settings for Gmail and Google calendar.


The iPhone five is as ever a totally pleasurable and capable smartphone. it is easy and fun to use and it\’s secure and stable. the newest generation model clearly offers users what they needed (look what number have sold): LTE 4G and a bigger show. whereas Apple was at it, they\’ve doubled hardware speed, unbroken the phone little and pocket-size and another compelling new options to Siri, the ever widespread and admittedly helpful voice assistant. The already smart iPhone 4S camera is improved here with coinciding pic and video shooting and panorama mode. The app choice is completely staggering. Apple\’s support is high notch. The Maps experience? Not most… yet.

While the iPhone vs. robot argument makes a presidential election appear as if a secure topic, i will say that as a largely robot smartphone user, the iPhone five does not feel lame or backwards within the least. Yes, the UI has evolved very little and that we do not have a number of Samsung\’s fancy options like good keep, however the iPhone five continues to be a pleasure to use due to the wonderful software package and scheme. It\’s simply one among the foremost pleasurable smartphones on the market.

Price: $199 for sixteen gig, $299 for thirty two gig, $399 for sixty four gig with a pair of year contract. $649-$849 while not contract.


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