Nokia’s $20 Cellphone: 6 Persons That Could Utilization The Nokia 105

While sales of top quality mobile phones like the Apple company iPhone and New samsung Universe have been increasing, low-end mobile phones still create up more than half of the sector, value an unbelievable quantity of “standard handsets” are traded each one fourth. These mobile phones have always been Nokia’s bread-and-butter, and the Helsinki-based company is expecting its new Nokia105, which offers for just $20, will help restore the floor it has missing recently.

nokia-105-20-cell-phoneThe Htc 105 does not have Wi-Fi, can’t get connected to social networking sites or flow video, but it can place calling and sms information for a price 97 percent less than the newest iPhone. TheNokia105 comes packed with activities, a shade display, stereo, time and flash light, significance it has most of the performance of mobile phones from a several years ago. Most amazing is its power supply with 35 times of life (that’s right, 35 days) and a key pad immune to water and dirt. Bloomberg opinions that the cellphone also has text-based applications that can educate British and provide some medical care advice.

Nokia’s objective with the Nokia105 is to set up product appreciation in increasing marketplaces like Indian and Chinese suppliers. Nokia105 says that while other companies can generate a $20 cellphone, it will absence the features and quality of the Nokia105. When customers are ready for a more costly smart phone, their beneficial experience with the Nokia105 will lead them to keep with the Nokia105 product.

Many opinions of the cellphone have been beneficial. PC Mag known as it the “world’s most eye-catching $20 cellphone,” observing that it seems reliable with the relax of Nokia’s line of mobile phones.

The cellphone is available in Indian and Philippines, and will soon launch in European countries. It is uncertain if it will occur stateside, but in circumstances it does, we’ve imagined of some ways you can create use of a $20 cellphone.

You know who you are. Whether you love having a party, you easily ignore things or are you’re simply awkward, you have never once made it to the free update. If your cellphone does not get remaining at a cafe, it will probably get decreased in a bathroom prior to later. Think of all the money you could save with a $20 Htc 105. Not only is it at least $400 less expensive than your cracked-glass smart phone, but you can say farewell to costly situations and programs.

The Event-Goer


You will not be able to check-in on Foursquare and share a video on Facebook or myspace that shows you got front row areas for Arizona, but with 35 days of battery pack lifespan, you’ll take more time seeing songs while your friends search down a asking for place. With a dirt and water-resistant screen, the Nokia105 can best device for a three-day songs event while your smart phone remains securely at home.

Those Employed In Outlawed Actions


Anyone who has seen “Breaking Bad” knows the value of having a second phone, and one that you do not think twice to eliminate in a second’s observe. So if whether you are concerned about DEA monitoring your calling, or concealing action from a important other, the Nokia105 could be perfect. If you are getting the warm, just eliminate and get another. Just do not strike your protect when you are about to go under sedation.

Outside Travellers


Similar to the festival-goer, the  Nokia105  could be great for an prolonged outside experience. The dirt and water-resistant display and resilient body will keep the Nokia105 safe if you are outside camping through the Rockies or boating down the Hawaiian. The 35-day power supply lifespan will give you a life line in case of urgent, although service cannot be assured.



It gives satisfaction to know your kid can contact you at any time in situation of urgent, but do they really need smartphones? There are comfort issues with kids, and you don’t want to accessibility unsuitable material via your cellphone, or basically crack it. The $20 Nokia105  can keep kids secure without emptying your wallet.

Older People


Some people  just do not want all the gadgets of a smart phone. For mature customers that do not need or want to browse online or use social networking, the nokia 105 could be a good coordinate. It’s more efficient than many mobile phones marketing towards seniors customers, but still easy to use. Your grandmother may even get into text messaging you.


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