Huawei E3121 Wi-Fi Files Card released 4 Rs. 1699


Huawei has released E3121 Wi-Fi Information Cards in Indian. The E3131 Smooth Wi-Fi Information Cards offers obtain rates of speed up to 14.4 Megabyte per second allows you discuss Wi-Fi for up to 5 gadgets and the Huawei Smooth Wi-Fi allows you convert any laptop with a Wi-Fi adaptor into a Wi-Fi hot spot with a simple application. Huawei has also declared new features for its data cards range such as, Plan suggestions engine, Smooth Wi-fi to create Cellular Hotspot, Windows 8 Support and user-friendly Cellular associate user interface via application update. Huawei released the E3131 Smooth Wi-Fi Information Cards a few months ago.

Huawei has signed up with with Link Native indian to bring Information Strategy recommendations engine that allows customers find the best information plan appropriate for their information needs in their local places.This engine is aware of clients’ usage styles and indicates the best information applications.  There are over 5000 conversation & information applications and features from various suppliers so that customers can buy the recommended applications online.

Functions of Huawei E3121 Smooth Wi-Fi Data Card

  • At the same time link up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • HSPA+ 14 Megabyte per second DL and 5.76Mbps UL speed
  • Micro SD Card Port (up to 32GB)
  • Type3i Technological innovation (for better indication durability and speed)
  • Mobile Associate application – Automatic APN recognition, Smooth Wi-Fi to make WiFi & discuss internet, Themes, Information Tracking system and Cloud+ online storage space.
  • Data Strategy suggestions motor to find the best data plan appropriate for data needs in regional cities

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